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Harry Martin is a local journalist ... not "local" in Sonoma County ... but right next door in Napa. Harry may not be the only "true" journalist in the "North Bay" ... but ... he is certainly the most dynamic. Harry finds out stuff. Where he finds it and how ... I'm not sure ... but I do know that Harry gets phones calls ... makes a few ... sends EMail ... publishes the highly readable Napa Sentinel weekly ... and now publishes just a smidgeon of some of his nationally significant material on the INTERNET. I'm not sure I'm capable of being a judge of every thing Harry has to say .... but ... the people of Napa sure get a good look at him .... good enough they elected him to their Board of Supervisors. Harry seems to get his fingers and himself into a lot of pies .... and he generally comes out a winner.

Here is a slightly condensed version of Harry's Cover Article from the Napa Sentinel

25 Questions that have not been answered in Richard Allen Davis trial.

The purpose of the article was not to answer any questions ... but to combine questions asked by Frank Spierling, author of "Who Killed Polly Klaas ?", with questions asked by the family, the news media, and law enforcement. According to the article, none of these questions have been answered at the trial:

  1. Under the California Law Enforcement Teletype System and the National Crime Information Center, any person on parole for felony convictions is listed. When Richard Allen Davis was questioned on Pythian Road and a check was run on him, the claim is that no information was printed out on any warrants or his priors or his parole status. How is this possible ?
  2. Davis was drinking beer and driving a vehicle in the presence of officers, he also claimed he was sightseeing in the pitch dark when accused of trespassing. An officer admitted leaving this information out of his report on Davis. Why no citation or arrest or further questioning ?
  3. What was the motive for Polly's kidnapping and why did Davis ask "Who lives here?"
  4. Who was the man seen on the back porch of Polly's house talking to Richard Allen Davis just prior to the kidnapping?
  5. Why did 18 F.B.I. officers show up at the scene within five hours of the kidnapping when the policy generally is that they will not enter the case until after 24 hours and usually with one or two agents only ?
  6. Why did Davis say to the three girls in Polly['s house that "no one else was supposed to be there" especially Polly's mother ? Polly's mother was originally scheduled to be at her business that night.
  7. Why were pretrial hearings closed to the Press, the public and the family ?
  8. Why didn't the family identify Polly's body ?
  9. Davis claims he took Polly at random. Why would he care which girl "lives here" ?
  10. If, on the following morning, it struck Dana Jaffe ( as stated on Prime time Live ) and her neighbor, Bill Rivas, that Davis might have been the kidnapper, why didn't it occur to deputies Rankin and Howard, the two deputies who pulled Davis over that night ?
  11. Why has Polly's family from the beginning believed Davis did not work alone?
  12. What did Judge Dale mean when he said, " This case leaves many gnawing questions. Among them are when and how Polly died and whether she was still alive when two Sheriff's deputies questioned Davis shortly after the kidnapping" ?
  13. Why does Polly's father and grandfather believe Polly was handed over to someone else prior to the time Davis was discovered trespassing near Oakmont ?
  14. Was Polly transferred to a blue van and flowin into Angwin ?
  15. Why was Davis not arrested earlier when law enforcement officials knew about his whereabouts for almost a month or more ?
  16. And what ties exist between the 1994 kidnapping of Katie Romanek and the 1993 kidnapping of Polly Klaas ? The kidnappings had similarities - both girls were taken from their home, both victims were the same age, both crimes involved ex-convicts with long criminal records and both suspects were described as having heavily tattooed arms. And both kidnappers asked "Who lives here ?" and neither left any ransom note.
  17. Why did Davis' first public defender claim the body was planted and expert testimony was given that the corpse would not have decomposed so quickly at the temperature of the site ?
  18. Why did the Coroner not perform the autopsy until a Federal expert, who had been in Bosnia, return to do the autopsy ?
  19. How were dental records checked on the body when the jaw bone was missing and part of the skull was missing ?
  20. Why were the entrails of the corpse missing ?
  21. If Davis confessed to strangling Polly why was the body so badly mutilated ?
  22. Polly was in Napa a month prior to her kidnapping ? Davis was identified by residents of G Street near Jefferson a month prior to Polly's kidnaping allegedly stalking Napa High School students but at the same time Polly was in Napa.
  23. Why did Polly's step father call the Napa Sentinel ( which had not published any articles at the time ) and ask if Polly might be held in Angwin ?
  24. And what or who is Midnight Sterling in the San Diego area ?
  25. Why didn't the authorities ever acknowledge that there might have been an accomplice ? The tenant in the back of the Klaas house gave a description of a clean-shaven man peering into the back door ?
Harry may know more than he's telling .... huh Harry ? ... or YOU may have a question/answer or two ... if so .... send them EMail Subject: Polly Klaas. We'll do our best to keep each other informed !!!

From: Marc Klaas []
Organization: Marc Klaas Foundation for Children
Subject: Polly

I am Polly's dad. Most of those questions are easily answerable. They only interest conspiracy theorists. There is no mystery. Polly was stalked by a cunning con man who knew how to put his victims at ease until he pulled off his heist. It is his history. I was at every phase of the trial. It is very disturbing. Writing this kind of a page is an insult to law enforcement, Polly's family and her memory.


Hello Marc:

Thanks for your response to SoCoOL ... Sonoma County ONLINE. So nice to meet you ... even ONLINE.

I know you probably have much to do, but, I'd be curious to know if you have ever spoken to Harry Martin, owner of the Napa Sentinel, and author of this, and occasionally many other "provocative" pieces of journalism.

Harry writes about a great many things, I, and I'm sure many others would have no information about .... and while he might be described as having a bent for "anti-establishment" type pieces ... one can only wonder, in this country, about the "nature of truth" and "the nature of truth" in any of our media.

You have had, and will continue to have, experiences a great deal different than what I'm sure you expected. I would be curious to know from you ... what you feel you've learned so far ... and what you expect to learn in the future. It would be of interest to me, I'm sure to the SoCoOL audience, and, if you have the time and the inclination, could make an interesting addition to something like ... Your Success Experiences ...

Thank you for your time ... and your consideration in writing.

God Bless Polly Klaas

I apologize for taking so long in replying to your query. My E-Mail has been down for the last two months and the backlog is enormous. Also, the demands upon my time are prohibitive. We have big dreams, a small budget and an even smaller staff.

I have learned many things. As far as the media is concerned, they helped us a great deal during the search for Polly. In general I am a great fan. However, there is an inclination to sensationalize fact to generate a greater audience. There is also a voyeristic quality to news media that I have trouble with.

Marc ....

Similarly my apologies for not responding quickly to your EMail ... I've been undergoing my own unusual bout with circumstance lately ....

Sort of like the dark cloud passing over head ... got to remember that the real "you" is the one under the "sun."

How has your own experience with the media been lately .... you were working for KPIX (?) at one time ... true .... Suspect you and Ronald Goldman's Father have become just two icons of a new breed in the media .... victims of victims ??? It's really quite amazing when you think of it ... how many different forms of exposure we now have ... how many different people are now involved in the communication of "things" ... how many new types of communication .... Can you believe that the O.J. Simpson trial would be carried nightly for two years ... that a talk show host could participate in the potential death of a guest ... could look staringly at the ceiling when asked the Purpose of Her Show ... and continue on as if nothing had occurred ..... I remember my own "shock" thirty years ago ... that someone in front of a camera might not be telling the truth .... now the shock is how much is available ... and how far removed from standards it all is ....

Guess that's my wish as well ...

Got some stuff I've even restrained myself from printing on this page In a different way, I have restrained myself from publishing your EMail ... on Polly's Page .... guess I wanted to sort of make sure it was you .... and get to know your feelings by EMail ....

Here I am as a onesie, Web Publisher, nobody, recommending, even demanding the right to print whatever I want, from whomever, and enjoying it .... This year I suspect will be a new period as the complications of this communication further reveal themselves ... and as the doggone thing doubles in size ... again.

I even get into fights by EMail with a Yo-Yo Manufacturer .... Care to participate in the World's First Internet International Yo-Yo Championships .... or has the world become too complicated to ever become simple again ???

Just Say Yo !!!

Please don't hesitate to write back .... perhaps we can get together over a laite sometime soon?

P.S. Did you ever hear from Harry Martin ... the author of the 25 questions?

From: (Harry V. Martin)
Subject: Re: Small changes ....
Harry ...

I've made some small changes in ... Your continued participation is greatly appreciated ...

SoCoOL Bob


Done Deal

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