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State and Federal Employment Laws are unique in that the "allegations", the "crime", the "offense", is defined as occuring in the eyes of the beholder. More than one State Official has said to me that asking for a date, or even hinting at asking for a date, could be considered "harassment" if the "victim" thought that it was. One attorney has suggested that asking about one's social life could be considered such an "offense."

The Question Is ??? Which of the following statements would you consider the most "threatening," the most " offensive" or the most "harassing."

Answer all the questions and I PROMISE to make it worth your while !!!

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"IN ADDITION: It's true - SoCoOL Bob would like a date with you - I'm single - so are you ???"

"I might be so brash as to encourage you to pursue a career in a different industry .... Since I represent so many dealerships I would really prefer that we not have to cross paths further."

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Here's one EMail response I personally will cherish .... at least for a short time ....

To: (Mary Lourenzo)
Subject: Re: A few words on the anonymous statement


I don't know whom I am addressing exactly but to whom it may concern here are a few words on the comment an anonymous someone wrote on sexual harassment of a nine year old boy kissing a schoolmate.

(...) a bit ridiculous (...) as you say is far too soft to describe a natural reaction of a child. I am more than happy to live in a country, free and democratic, where people can express their feelings in a natural way.

Is it abnormal for a boy to kiss his girlfriend ? Is it abnormal for a husband to hug and kiss his wife ? Is it abnormal that a mother kisses and hugs strongly her own children ? Hope not! Do you consider that as pedophilia ? Hope not! Is it sexual harassment for a child to show affection for a school mate (boy or girl)? Don't you believe in affection, love, tenderness, friendship and kindness ? What kind of men and women are some-of-you-distorted-minds bringing up to face tomorrow's world ? That could only come from AMERICA, the land of opportunity, of freedom, of equality of rights, where the two extremes get together.

America where are you heading to ?

Obviously that in my country we also have sexual harassment but not as hard as you have there. Women and men get together and talk freely and in a friendly way at working premises. And we all tell jokes, and some of them a bit spicy. But that doesn't mean that someone is inviting other someome to bet or whatever. We give a good laugh and that's all.

If a male colleague says that a female colleague looks gorgeous because she had her hair done or a new blouse, that is NOT in a million years considered s. h.

If a female colleague says to a male colleague that he looks nice in that first-time-seen new sweater, does he consider that sexual harassment. NO WAY!


Thanks Mary ...

Tell me please what country are you from?
Tell me more ....
How much of SEXUAL HARASSMENT did you read ...
What would be the legal status of such a complaint in your country .....
Tell me more :)

You know, there are so many reasons why this letter is important to me .... and others like it.

  1. It's coming from a woman.

    I've talked to four people from the Department of Housing and Employment for the State of California ... three women and one man .... and do you know that to a person ... without me ever using the term .... they all are content to communicate that the statement you see in the quiz above ... written on a Thank You letter to a potential customer ( took about 20 seconds ) .... constitutes sexual harassment .... if she says it does.

    They use the term ..... they either a) agree with it b) are just doing what they're told c) some combination of a and b.

    A great many people apparently believe that the way to deal with this .... is to agree.

    Let me state it LOUD and CLEAR ... the person being harassed in this situation is Bob Kennedy ... and it's likely to continue. It became even more official today .... SoCoOL Bob is now not welcome .... in the car business. Knowing what I know so far about people ... how they react to things etc. .... there will be more negative ramifications for SoCoOL Bob

    I hesistate to add that the person they have CONVICTED of these "crimes" ... is the same SoCoOL Bob ... who has raised a child ... from being a 7 month old motherless infant ... to an 18 year old 6'5" struggling to make it in this current world ... all the while being "harassed" by the same kind of mentality from the same kind of people.

    I will tell you that ... at least so far ... it is the conclusion of The State of California .... that this act constitutes SEXUAL HARASSMENT.

  2. It's coming from another country. You know in making a large number of cold calls in Sonoma County three years ago ... I found ... not for the first time ... that most of these people didn't really care that much about technology. They didn't care that much about communication .... they didn't know if the INTERNET or computers could help them sell things ... and I suspect a great many didn't care. Just one more thing they would have to do when they had too much to do already. What they did care about was Sonoma County. If it involved their beloved Sonoma County they were interested. That is the simple phenomenon behind which Sonoma County ONLINE got its name.

    I suspect a great many more "feel" that way about America ... the U.S.A. We wave the flag so much over so many activities ... and we parade out the principles Land of the Free ... and the Home of the Brave ... Sometimes we spend MILLIONS shooting off Fire Crackers and making speaches about people and things we hold dear.

    I know ... as a sales person ... that the only hope for the sales person ... regardless of what they're selling or their point of view ... is to find that missing ingredient in the customer .... that can help them see what you say or do..

    Maybe .... for this group ... it could be America .... is this what it stands for? Is this what we mean when we say Land of the Free ... and Home of the Brave. SoCoOL Bob was earning maybe $3,000 a month .... selling cars. Remember ... he was pretty basically homeless just before this all occurred .... and he will be again if he doesn't find another way to deal with what has occurred ... besides just writing INTERNET pages .... and struggling with all his might to be heard.

    You know EVERYONE in a position of power and authority ... NOT SOME ... EVERYONE ... has basically concurred. His employer ... his employers attorney ... the State of California .... prospective employers ... everybody AGREES ... this is SEXUAL HARASSMENT ... SoCoOL Bob is the one who "should have learned" ... and ... however uncomfortable ... this is what he deserves.

    ( A letter has gone out today to the lady who complained of this note written on a Thank You Letter ... ASKING her if she concurs.)

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