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Sexual Harmony

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I confess .... I do that, occasionally. SoCô¿ôL Bob is not impervious to "criticism," and/or I am not unaware that I have my faults ... some in my own eyes and some in the eyes of others.

But, this confession may not be as dramatic as you think. The "SoCô¿ôL Comments on Sexual Harassment" Pages have been getting a tremendous number of "hits." AND ... I confess, I don't know why?

Care to tell me? How do you happen to be visiting the SoCô¿ôL Comments on Sexual Harassment? From whence you came? and why? Anything else you think might be of interest? May I publish your response?

From:   (Chris)
Subject:        	When Sexual Harassment is done by the President 
                       of the Company

Below is the result of your feedback form.
It was submitted by Chris (

body:  So what do you do when the sexual harasser is the 
President of the Company?  There is no way to make a complaint.  
All you can do is tell him to stop.  But in my situation he hasn't, 
and it is not only me, but all  the females of the company.  His 
mouth is vulgar, his gestures are suggestive and unprofessional, 
his actions are disgusting!  He knows that women of the company 
have complained, but he doesn't see it.  He just keeps on doing it.  
He has made vulgar, unprofessional remarks through the
> years, touches when he shouldn't, takes about "broads" in the 
hallway with the other men, uses the "f" word as daily practice in 
about 50% of the sentences that come out of his mouth.  He has 
stuck his tongue in another woman's ear, asked her to fool around, 
etc.  He has given me a provocative calendar of half naked women 
for a Christmas gift, when he gave all the other women something else.  
He doesn't stop, and this situation is unique because he owns the 
company.  Everyone is aware of his actions, but he keeps getting away 
with it.  I am the only female has seemed to fight him on this, and 
because of it I have suffered through the years working there.  I am 
also the only female in a management position at the company.
>  Should he be stopped by someone?  Will this hurt my career in the 
future if I report him or sue?
Dear Chris . 

      This strikes me as an EXCELLENT QUESTION.  Without being too 
lengthy,presumptive or conclusive ... let me remind you and other SoCô¿ôL 
visitors that I, at least, always hesitate to 'trust' totally what I 
recieve from AOL subscribers, HotMail Addresses and others .. cause 
it's so ... incognito.

       Not that you should have to reveal yourself to me .. or be 
identified .. in order to participate with this or any other intelligent 
comment or question.Nor should I make any assumptions or 
conclusions about the address,  ô¿ô

       In giving my answer to the question, I should much prefer to 
have it considered as at least partially .. brainstorming .. the 
suggestion of one possible answer .. not necessarily the best 
possible answer.  I will publish your question and perhaps, 
the best of SoCô¿ôL's responses.

 There is no way to make a complaint.  

       My understanding of the current law governing sexual harassment 
would suggest quite the opposite.   There is a way to make a complaint.  
A complaint that has tremendous power, including the force of law, and 
civil damages.Whether that choice or these consequences should exist, 
it would certainly appear that they do.  Assuming the facts you present 
are true, and can be demonstrated, or even threatened to be demonstrated, 
one would guess that any number of attorneys might be anxious to speak 
with you.

        You know Chris .. I am concerned about both of you ... your boss 
and yourself, and the rest of the people who work there.   I am concerned 
that the various misunderstandings that seperate people may continue 
to seperate you all ... and continue the problem in some other form.  
I am concerned that this same boss may have some other genuinely 
positive qualities, that his perception of correct and incorrect, polite and 
impolite, may come from another generation ... another experience .. and 
that he might be harmed or ignored in the process of coming up with the 
IDEAL SOLUTION.   But then, my own experience,  since Im not terribly 
shy, demonstrates that it may be very difficult to get even two people  
on the same page on the subject of employer/employee, let alone a group.

        I do think, you, for your part, in order to come up with the correct 
solution,should ASK yourself the question .. what do I want to 
achieve ... what are the best ways  I can think of, given all you know, 
to proceed to attempt to achieve them, and then make your move .. 
preparing as you can for the worst possible consequences,  while 
acting in a way, as best you can, that appears to lead to the best 
possible solution.

        This may, indeed, given your rights, and the current law, involve 
seeking the additional assistance of an attorney.   This hopefully would 
result, at the appropriate time, with a presentation that includes an 
additional statement of the problem, to the employer, a suggestion for 
appropriate action, and perhaps, some potential consequences.

        Do I believe your career will be hurt if you approach this problem 
honestly, as objectively as possible, and with maximum consideration 
of the potential benefit to everyone ... NO.   There may be some temporary 
consequence to you in terms of this job .. this industry .. this town etc. ... 
but you might also become all that more valuable to some other good 
employer, including your current competitors.

       On The Subject of SEXUAL HARASSMENT  

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