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Subject:        	Sexual Haressment... the wrong path

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body:  It amazes me what companies are allowed to do to you in
relationship to their EEOC individual. Charges were filed against me by a
woman who had no evidence or witnesses to back her charges. It was ok that
she did not feel comfortable around me and did not want me to approach her
anymore, of course she could've just told me that and I would have
obliged. But when I was accussed of stalking her at work, this was
completely unjustified. 

I would like to know why I am not allowed to have individuals be
questioned on the matter, that might bring more light to the subject. Why
this person was allowed to tease me and flaunt herself in front of me, and
tell lies that were untrue. In fact if anything, it was more her stalking
me, until I refused to play in her game. And then to have one of her
friends (who is the EEOC co-ordinator) tell me I was "guilty" from the
start. This is a person (the EEOC co-ordianor) who is known to be prob a
bly the worst sexual harresser in the company.

Of course, since there was no evidence, the charges could not hold up...
it was written up as a "miscommunication" issue in the EEOC file. But the
point being is that this person wrongfully accused me and gets away with
it. After the allegations, she would continually come over within my
vicinity (and still does to this day), and they say I cannot do anything
because it would be deemed retaliation. I don't ever want to have anything
to do with this person or even ever see them again. And if it

was just a miscommunication problem, why did they not get us together and
resolve the conflict ??? We work in separate departments, but are only
about 30 feet from each other and within view. 

I have (or was) always a backer and believer in "sexual harressment", but
never again after what I've been through. To this day, it has changed me
and bothers me as I could never imagine. The hatred that I have not only
for this person, but even for others who associate with her is beyond
comprehension. Am I crazy ??? They have even told me that this should've
never been brought about, but yet it was and I have to deal with it day in
and day out. 

There's so much more I could say, but what the hell good would it do...
It's just a cruel, unequal world, because of unresponsible individuals.

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