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mycomments: This type of incident happened to me where a fellow classmate put his hand down my shrit and grabbed me repeatedly and I told him to stop. Now I walk through the hallways worried that someone else may try and do the same. I feel very umcomfortable walkinga around without someone by my side all throught the day.

It is a wierd situation in my case and they still dont know what they are going to do with the kid. It had been 5 days since this incident and I'm still cautious and very upset. I just want someone to be by my side every day if I need them.

I have very good friends by me and also a loving and caring boyfriend. I just wish I could try to help any of those that have gone through anything like the incident I went through. I am here to talk to anyone if they need it. I am only 15 and I took a stand for myself and made him know that he totally disrespected me in every way. I have email "swtbbylover" and i have a instant messanger name "boccell015" so if anyone has cry for help and needs a shoulder I am here for you. You can contact me anytime. For all of those that had to go through this I know how you feel and you are not alone.

Love all of you, Lauren

Yo Lauren ..

This is a very cool, very sensitive, very important communication.

I'm sure you know, as most of us do, at any age, there can be things that happen in our lives that we can handle with no sweat ... and there are others that take a little effort.

Those of us that have been through a thing or anything a little bit like a thing can often help others if they ever have to go through it.

I couldn't help but notice your comment about 'someone by your side.' I would like to focus on that comment and make a couple of comments of my own if I could.

In the 'advanced' version of The Triangle of Success, I would often spend some time talking about beliefs ... what beliefs are, how they affect the results we may receive in our lives, where they come from and most importantly I would ASK the question, with some opinions of my own, who is in control of our beliefs ???

What we believe has a dramatic impact on how we approach life and its situations. Beliefs often come from personal experience ... they are what we were taught ... they are what we carried away from our own experiences. If we look forward toward becoming the person we most would like to become we may recognize that what we believe about ourselves, others and the future will have an impact on what we do, how we feel, and how we go about achieving those goals.

Why not consider and ultimately choose a belief system that contributes to your short and long term well being.

There IS someone with you. Generally more than just some ONE. That's what many would believe, choose to believe, and discover when acting on those beliefs. There is at least one book that proclaims that there is more to this universe than just us ... and that at least a part of that more is there to help us.

"There is a power in the universe designed to help you achieve your goals."

I highly recommend that you consider this belief .. your own opinion of it .. and I recommend you ASK that force ... hey .. I'm told there's a possibility YOU exist ... you God, you force, you whatever you are and/or it is. Speak to me. Demonstrate your presence to me. Let me know that you are there.

You might be pleasantly surprised at what you find there.

Bob Kennedy
SoCô¿ôL Bob
Just Say Yô¿ô !!!

P.S. It would be ver helpful if someone communicated this to your assailant as well. There is a force designed to help prevent you from doing wrong things ... over and over and over again. There are undoubtedly some folks available to help 'him' as well.

THANKS very much for your input !!!

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