Luke 11:54. Laying wait for him, and seeking to catch something out of his mouth, that they might accuse him.

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body: I came upon your website this week and have read through all the text.

I was sued for same sex sexual harrassment over a year ago and have been searching for some type of closure since that time. The story is so long and convoluted , I'm sure the details would not be of interest to most people.

The interesting part of the story is that I am a heterosexual married woman, I have never had a lesbian relationship and yet I was named as a co-defendent in a same sex lawsuit. Two years of my life was spent preparing for the trial. Because the EEOC had found no cause the woman went to a personal injury attorney who took the case on contingency. The trial itself lasted a week and by the morning of the last day I knew we had won. Not only were they not able to prove their case, we were able to prove they were lying.

I write that we won and there was a brief feeling of elation after all that tension but I have to say I believe everyone lost.

It seems to me there are people who cannot take responsibility for their own lives and happiness. They cannot deal with anger and disappointment in any way other than blaming sources outside themselves. These people file claims for disability, workman's comp, and lawsuits galore. A small cut from a hanger in a retail store becomes grounds for negligenge, a splinter from the back of a chair in a chain restaurant becomes grounds for litigation.

I have become much wiser since this event in my life. I have learned to speak my truth and have it heard.

  • I have also learned that the workplace is not conducive to friendship. Whatever you tell someone about your past can be used against you.

    There HAS to be a way for us to FIX THIS !!! There has to be a way for people to understand and do more things to make our workplaces and everyplace else more positive. There HAS to be !!!

  • I have also learned compassion for the vilified members of society. What if I had been a lesbian? Would the charges then have been more believable? I felt compassion for the woman who sued me - There was some vindication for me in the Judge's final statements yet when I looked back at the woman I felt sorry for her because I know she has a long way and many difficult lessons to learn.

    Good For YOU !!!

I have moved on and writting to you is part of my process. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express myself. I did not include my name or email because who knows what litigation could come of this.

Thank You So MUCH for sharing yo'er experience. As you probably are aware, I too have experienced this process. I too have experienced the way it begins and perhaps the way, after time, it ends. Others will experience it as well.

Hopefully, and I say this with the greatest amount of hope, others will chose the ONLY METHOD that I know for creating the maximum amount of positives from the way we currently live our lives, and the maximum amount of positives so that others might learn these lessons and improve as well.

We are ALL CONNECTED .. One to another. What happens to you, and the results, and the results, do matter to ME !!!

Bob Kennedy
SoCô¿ôL Bob

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