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mycomments: I choose not to give my name or my email. I am from west Michigan, and I have been recently fired for sexual harrassent. I am a worker at a company down here, and on my production line me, two other girls my age all have fun in innocence. They have touched me, and I have touched them. We have hung outside of work together. Neither girl has ever complained about about me or has told me to stop. If they ever did, I would have in an instant. But these are girls who tell me when they are going to the bathroom to masterbate, tell me that other people have paid them for sexual advantances. I like both of them. I have for a long time, but a couple of weeks ago, someone in our plant told my supervisor that he/she saw me grab one of the girl's breasts on our line. One of the girls were called into the office, and she tried to tell our supervisor it was in good-natured fun. He disagreed, and wanted to schedule seperate meetings for all of us. Well, after having our meetings, I was walked out the next day. The two girls kept their jobs, and I lost mine in an instant. This is something that I would never do to just anyone. This was done in a friendly manner that was mutual for everyone. I don't understand why I was fired for this. No one told me to stop or anything. Is this something I could fight? They called me yesterday and confirmed me getting fired. I have done nothing different than any other person has done. Most all the guys and girls always talk dirty with one another. I like my job. But if I got fired, shouldn't the girls get fired as well. I would really appreciate if you got back on this screen and gave me an answer has soon as possible. I have to go now, but I would really like an answer.

Unfortunately, this is another outstanding example of the kind of thing going on EVERYWHERE over this topic. How else would SoCô¿ôL Comments on Sexual Harassment rise to The Top Ten without any fanfare or promotion on SoCô¿ôL's part ?

I have recently returned to 'the workplace' myself ( apparently an occasional necessity for this 'starving artist'). I was greeted with 'the speech,' the paperwork, and the way this subject is currently being treated by others I've seen.

People of all persuasions seem to be able to carry on their own unique brand of conversation, irregardless of the stern kinds of 'warnings' now being provided like robots by most employers. And then, every once in a while someone strikes out. Whether it's a desire for power, a desire to get even, a total lack of empathy or understanding of basic notions of right and wrong .. heck .. it even could be something as simple as someone mimicing behavior they see EVERY NIGHT on Network TV.

Whatever it is, it is just one of the behavioral facts of life that makes SoCô¿ôL think we have lost our way.

Heck .. look at this persons response, ".... shouldn't the girls get fired as well."

Yeah right ... I think we should just fire everybody ... for their thoughts ... or what any one other might think of them.

Nevermind that there was no hostile environment being created here ? Nevermind that some sort of half way decent human relations might have suggested these people might want to consider very carefully not doing something in public at which others might take offense. Never mind Three Strikes ... why wait around for people to do again what they somewhat naturally do EVERY DAY.

I told one manager recently that I witness at least 3 to 5 incidents of what someone could easily describe as 'sexual harassment' EVERYDAY ... and I spend most of my time at my own desk.

Do what you want America ? What the heck is Freedom and Responsibility and Concern for others anyway ?

Could you fight it ? Sure .. why not ? All you gotta do is find a lawyer who will tell you his or her truth ( you don't have a snowball's chance in hell - not just because of the laws of sexual harassment - but you can come in and talk if you want to - that will be at least $150.00 an hour - Thank You Very Much and welcome to the ranks of the unemployed ).

SoCô¿ôL Bob ? I don't think so.

Your response is SoCô¿ôL !!!

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