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(Dec. 17)
Organizers in Austin, Texas, say their community will join the spreading protest aimed at prodding Congress into dropping efforts to regulate "indecent" speech in cyberspace as part of a telecommunications reform bill. Protests against the pending legislation took place Friday in San Francisco's South Park, the Seattle Public Library and New York City's Cyber-Cafe.

Now Linda Dailey Paulson of United Press International says a protest is slated for Tuesday in Austin, part of what activist groups is a growing nationwide movement. At issue, as noted, is an agreement reached Thursday night by key House and Senate negotiators that would outlaw "indecent" materials transmitted to minors over computer networks. The pact reconciles House and Senate passed bills to overhaul telecommunications laws.

Paulson says that as the debate continues, several organizations with World Wide Web sites have posted information about the pending censorship legislation, including American Civil Liberties Union ; Electronic Frontier Foundation ; Electronic Privacy Information Center ; and Voters Telecommunications Watch . Also other websites contain reports on the San Francisco First Amendment rally, among them MediaCast ; and Vivid Studios ; and, of course, SoCoOL ... Sonoma County ONLINE. (09-09) 11:07:35

China Tightens Control of Internet
RENEE SCHOOF, Associated Press Writer

BEIJING (AP) -- The Chinese government has made good on a promise to cut off access to Internet sites it considers obscene or politically dangerous. Industry observers say more than 100 World Wide Web sites have been blocked since last week.

SoCoOL's Mail
Syd Kelly,
I am totally against the effort by Exxon and others to obliterate what is now known as the Internet.

(Dec. 15)
An agreement reached last night by key House and Senate negotiators would outlaw smutty materials transmitted to minors over computer networks. The pact reconciles House and Senate passed bills to overhaul telecommunications laws.

The measure makes it a federal crime for providers -- such as a publisher of an online magazine -- to transmit sexually explicit and other "indecent" materials to minors under 18 years of age.
Would not hold liable companies that provide access to computer networks, such as CompuServe or America Online.
Calls for violators to be sentenced up to two years in prison and fined up to $100,000.
Defines indecency as "any comment, request, suggestion, proposal, image or other communications, that, in context, depicts or describes, in terms patently offensive as measured by contemporary community standards, sexual or excretory activities or organs."
That definition closely tracks the legal standard now used to determine what is indecent on television and radio. In other words, Congress wants to FORBID the multi-media version of George Carlin's Seven Words?

Opponents call it an unconstitutional government restriction on legal speech. Organizer Todd Lappin, an editor at Wired magazine, quipped to UPI, as reported by CompuServe, that if need be, the online community would hold a "Million Geek March" in support of the First Amendment.

"This single spark has ignited a prairie fire," he added.

CompuServe also quoted Mike Godwin, legal counsel for the Electronic Frontier Foundation,

"If you really want to protect our children, find a better way to do it than to force all of us who engage in public speech and expression to speak at the level of children," Godwin said. "There are laws already on the books that prevent the exposure to children of obscene speech, and that prohibit child abuse."

Parents present at the rally said the responsibility for protecting their children lies with them, not Congress.

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Local Protest

Rohnert Park
Without so much as a whimper, Multi-Media Cable Television, in Rohnert Park, took CSPAN off Channel 29 ... and moved it to part time status on Channel 19. CSPAN now goes off the air at 7pm to be replaced by the Weather Channel until the next a.m. Channel 29 now proudly boasts a 24 hour INFOMERCIAL CHANNEL broadcastsome from San Jose.

According to the switch board spokesperson I spoke to ... If I wished to PROTEST, I should PROTEST to the F.C.C. It was the F.C.C. that made em do it. Apparently the San Jose Channel falls into the "Must Carry" Category, and, so now, even I, the honest to goodness "one of the world's first persons ever to do an INFOMERCIAL" ... King of the INFOMERCIALS, will PROTEST forever the notion of replacing CSPAN.

.... It is we, us, the flesh that touches one another, that determines the outcome of SILLY THINGS LIKE TAKING CSPAN OFF THE AIR.


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