It Seems to Me
That Our Treatment of Other People
May Be
A Little FUZZY ?

There are any number of things that concern me about the recent comments and publicity over the comments made by Fuzzy Zoeller.
  • I wonder .... is it O.K. for the media, almost universally, to comment such as it has, because Fuzzy Zoeller is a white male? I have heard many commentators call Fuzzy "stupid" ... a "moron" ... "racist" ... a "drinker" ... and any number of other "negative" comments ... for having used the words "little boy, fried chicken, and collard greens." However ill advised, what is it about Fuzzy that makes it acceptable for the media to crucify him with words far more meaningful and explicit.

  • I saw an interview where a black man used almost exactly the same words ... "little boy" ... and I'm sure I can't ... nor can anyone else ... identify who it was or what it was about ?

  • The comments I've heard from friends, fellow workers, fellow travelers, seem to have universally included these same derogatory comments about Fuzzy Zoeller, who has now ungraciously and unceremoniously become "unholier than who?"

  • As always ... I anxiously solicit and will publish many of yours.

  • It would appear that much of the public and private debate over "racism" and "sexism" in America ... involves the acceptability of calling an American white male ... anything. It's O.K. to call them serious names ... fire them from their jobs ... excommunicate them from their profession and their love ... IMMEDIATELY ... for one or two things they might say, or even merely be accused of saying.

  • Our world is now permeated with phrases like "soccer moms" ... and "deadbeat dads." Racists only come in one color. ( I recently filled out a form with the Small Business Administration which listed twelve nationalities ... the last was white and other. )

  • Our whole dialogue on the subject of "discrimination" has established the internal notion that discrimination is somehow "bad." The ability to tell the difference from one thing or another ... one person or another ... is now a bad quality ... a thing not to be done. Is it any wonder that we seem to have lost our ability to "discriminate" the difference from one man and another ... one woman and another ... one comment or another ... except to accuse one another ... in a socially acceptable way?

  • In the meantime, much of the media is so presumptious, lazy, thrill seeking, that they can't even find a way to call Tiger Woods or Fuzzy Zoeller by their real nationalities ... human. One wouldn't dare try to coin a phrase ... half black ... or half Thai ... or "Black/Thai" ... and if one did ... and they were white ... it would certainly be acceptable to prounounce them "half assed."

    It was submitted by Shane Acree (SAcree@webtv.net)

    Mr. Zoeller was wrong in his comments about Mr. Woods...in my opinion. Even though his comments do not sit well with a lot of people, me included, I don't think the comment was meant to be taken so literally. This world is made up of many different people. I am not any better than any of you, but it seems that the media feels as though they are.

    Who gives them the right to pass such judgement on Mr. Zoeller because they don't agree with his comments?

    Thanks Shane ...

    I "confess" .... I like your comments a lot better than many of theirs :)

    SoCoOL Bob

Update ... June 10, 1998

Saw Tiger Woods on Larry King Live. Now there would be a couple of my favorite people. I was so pleased to see Tiger talk about values, and principles ... about enthusiasm and excitement, and about kids. Thanks Tiger. What we need is more of that, and the world will make a little more progress toward a better place.

Your Comments :)

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