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SoCô¿ôL Philosophy ???
If We're Talking About Family Values
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If We're Talking About Family Values

Statistical Fluke?

Monica's Story

Seems like several years ago, first the Republicans and then the Democrats, put out a 'trial balloon' on the notion of family values, and received a positive response. I guess that means that the heart and soul of the American people, agrees with the notion that if we could behave more like a 'good' family might, we'd be a lot better off. I suspect the notion that 60 some-odd percent of the American people respond that God has an influence in what happens, in a positive direction, indicates the same sort of thing.

If this is true, then who are our parents, and what kind of example are our 'parents' giving us?

Some would prefer to talk about family values in the 'pictured' way. Can't imagine that would feel good to the parties in question ??? How then does this 'teach' us what it means to be part of a family ?

It would seem that the example being presented to us, by media and politicians, is the following.

  • The management of our 'household' is equally controlled, contributed to by two parties, the Republicans and Democrats, the Liberals and Conservatives, the Left and the Right. The power between them is divided roughly equally. Kind of like the 'ideal' mother and father ?
  • In the American household then, first the mother, and then the father, make recommendations as to how the family ought to proceed.
  • How do they proceed? Consistantly and constantly, forever and ever, year after year, incident after incident, slogan after slogan, jingle after theme song, they proceed to criticize and condemn each other.
  • How's that work in your family ???

SoCô¿ôL has a tendency to think that there's a tremendous lack of integrity when people talk about the good of the country, the good of anything, and then proceed to abuse respected members of their family. But, then, that's negative isn't it ???

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How do you go about saying that the individual ideas that both sides espouse, have value? Isn't it a good thing that one side may adopt the best ideas of the other? and vice versa ? I'd be interested to know if the 'shifting paradigm's' occuring in many different areas of many different people's lives, will have an impact on the relationship between our mother and father ??? on their children ???

Togetherness, mutual appreciation and support .... totally new concept ô¿ô

The Supreme Court Decided ...

The Supreme Court yesterday spurned Clinton's contention that he should not have to defend himself against Jones until 2001, finding that nothing in the Constitution allows a sitting president to postpone a private civil damages lawsuit. The court said it is unlikely the case would burden Clinton's time.

The President of the United StatesBill Behind Bars

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Listen To The Entire Report ... You must download the plug-in .. but it's there. The entire thing. If you want the entire report deep into yo'er psyche, or if it is just inconvenient or impossible for you to read it, listen to the entire thing here, or tune in to CNN ô¿ô

The Report on Kenneth Starr ... look .. now I"m doing it.

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Clinton Provides Downloadable Poll .. Should he resign ?

Personally, I think they ought to suspend him for three games ô¿ô
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Grand Jury Testimony The Starr Report

The Triangle of Success

As A Man/Woman Thinketh

Jump ... Switch

Oh guilt! Yes, yes, yes. It is so rampant on so many levels in our culture, Catholic or not, especially in the areas of sexuality and pleasure. The whole Judeo-Christian ethic that has been programmed into most of us tells us that we're flawed and we must spend our lifetimes fixing/elevating our out-of control, basic nature. When what it is we really need to do is de-program the misconceptions and lies weÇve been taught! So, we spend our lives looking incessantly for what's"wrong" so we can fix it to feel "right!" There is a saying, "where the attention and emotions go, manifestation follows." The more you look for what's wrong, the more you will find that feels wrong. Feeling wrong, means not feeling right. And we want to feel right. The pang we feel at being wrong, is guilt.

One very simple way to begin to turn this around is to choose to focus your attention more on what feels "right" or good. What attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, actions help us to feel wonderful inside and wonderful about ourselves. What works?...And then continue to follow your nose into those pathways and places. It gets easier with dedicated practice.

Who said this ? What is it about ?
What does it have to do with the Triangle of Success ?
Answer these questions for yourself and then ... For Adults Only ? Click Here

Just Say Yô¿ô

From: Surekha Maddiwar
To:, SoCooLBob@Yahoo.Com
Subject: Sexual Harassment


I am also doing a thesis on this subject. I am doing my MBA. But I have never written a thesis before. My paper will talk about all the things you are talking about plus how it can be reduced in the workplace. If you can help me with anything I will appreciate it very much.

Surekha Maddiwar

E-mail Address.....

Thanks Surekha ..

For yo'er response to SoCô¿ôL and SoCô¿ôL comments on Sexual Harassment.

I reckon we could turn boys into girls and girls into men ? Let's face it. Our societies inability to learn the difference between law and spirit, our propensity to blame and penalize, our goal oriented attempt to 'equalize' the playing field, is currently conducted in an environment where people are continually forced to choose up sides.

The critical question is, whether the most significant difference between human beings, is the difference between their legs, or between their ears.

The Doctor ...

The Doctor, Thomas A Most, doesn't write often or long, but on this subject he has.

Freedom of speech is determined by those who can best afford to defend it. Money/power therefore make some more equal than others. Factor in the "spin doctors" and the truth becomes something that is more influenced by whatever lies which can be told most often and most consistantly, hence, those who hold the greatest influence over media.

This is one of those truths that I hate to acknowledge. The almighty paycheck. I hate when logic and reason and principle and good deeds are replaced by competition among paid assasins.

It really has very little to do with sex, but of money, greed and power. There has been a subtle (and, sometimes, not so subtle) shift of power from the penis to the vagina. It is not that that power has existed from the dawn of human history so much as an overt acceptance of that power in a once male dominated political and judicial arena.

Sure can make a mess of our private lives.

SoCô¿ôL Comments On Sexual Harassment

Family values and improved human relations are not achieved in courtrooms.

Just Say Yô¿ô !!!

P.S. I am continually reminded of a statement made by a favorite lady friend,

"Other peoples sex is almost always disgusting"

Mr. Livingston I Presume ... SoCô¿ôL Bob even ???
Mr Livingston I Presume?

Yo'er Problem Is Obvious

And the beat goes on ...

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