SoCoOL's EMail is public domain. The SoCoOL community enjoys the opportunity to INTERACT with one another. To us it is an opportunity to improve our overall view and enjoyment of our world community. To others SoCoOL may be an entity, a stopover, a whipping boy, a friend, a light in the dark or a shoulder to cry on.

We receive all sorts of email: inquiries, comments, insults, incontinence, crankmail, criticisms, solicitations, kudos, even an occasional quiet, and very personal cry from the dark.

The following pages are a sample of the "Best of," the e-mail that we receive.

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Million Man March EMail
Million Geek March Mail
SoCoOL Visitors Respond to O.J.
SoCoOL Visitors Respond to Sexual Harassment
Your God Experiences
Your Love Experiences
Yo-Yo Mail

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To: You
From: The Doctor and SoCoOl Bob

All of your mail is important to us! Please feel free to write The Doctor,or SoSoOL Bob or use our Response Form.Thanks!


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