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November 30, 1995 ... You did it again !!!
I don't know how I missed your site as a CooLynx of the Day. It is SoCoOL! I've awarded it the CooLynx of the Day for Thursday, November 30, 1995. Keep up the good work!
Charlo Barbosa -
Home of the 'CooLynx of the Day'

Is This The Norton Buffalo?
From: Rebecca Fuller
To: SoCooLBob@Yahoo.Com
Subject: Norton Buffalo

body: I understand that Norton Buffalo lives in the Sonoma area and ocassionally plays locally. I would live to see one of his shows. Do you have a recommendations on how I could keep my eye open for one from down here in SF? RF

From: SoCoOL Bob

What is it they say about GREAT MINDS ... My next door neighbor and I were just talking about Norton Buffalo less than 48 hours ago.

I'm not sure ... but we'll try and find out.

From: Rebecca Fuller

What a great coincidence. The beverage of your choice is on me if you come up with anything good and we end up at the same show. Thanks very much for your response.

From: SoCoOL Bob

Now there is an offer. See Below

Here's a present for you. It's the best I could find ... so far .. on the Universal Search Tool
Is this the Norton Buffalo You were looking for?
A Beautiful Web Page
Lycos Search For Norton Norton Buffalo

You Are Welcome To Pet The Buffalo
New Stuff

Blues Ditty Greeting
This is a blues ditty greeting (mime encoded gif) sent to you by a friend from: Capitol Records


From: Matt Marshall \ Internet: (
To: \ Internet: (
To: \ Internet: (

Subject: wine country connection

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by Matt Marshall ( on Thu Jan 4 14:57:05 PST 1996
body: A selection of the best travel, lodging, food and wine offerings from Sonoma County and Northern California wine country.

Thanks Matt for your suggestion ... and I certainly believe it is a good one ...

It should be done up right .... with the support of those businesses and organizations that can benefit from a quality presentation ..... Wonder what it's going to take to make it happen ???

Bob Kennedy "SoCoOL Bob"

Help! I would like to learn how to create a homepage. Is there software or a book that will help me to do this. This homepage will be for a high school and will involve several links.


One of the best features of the Web is its incredible amount of information, and it is all just a click away! The best way is to offer URL's of sites that lead you to other sites.The following should lead you to what you need to know, and a whole lot more:

A Beginner's Guide to HTML
Creating Net Sites
Yahoo ... Guides and Tutorials
DJ Quad's Ultimate HTML Site

Good luck with your new homepage, and welcome to the Web!

Tom, aka
"Your Personal Web Physician"

To: Robert Kennedy \ Internet: (
Subject: subscribe


BECAUSE YOU ARE A PART OF THE CHOSEN PEOPLE ??? I'm not sure ... don't believe I sent it to you ... my truly awe inspiring messages include:

I have removed you from our BETA TEST LIST ... if ... after reviewing our site you'd like to be included in our Insiders Group ... Just Send Us More EMail and Say So !!!


Bob Kennedy "SoCoOL Bob"
Sonoma County ONLINE
There's lots of Cool Sites but only one SoCoOL !!!

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by Dave Kaspersin (

I_want...: To End The Downsizing and Demoralizing of the American Workforce

David R. Kaspersin
The vice president of the company I worked for told 100 of us at a department meeting " All of you who are over 50 years old are worthless to the company because you cannot accept and adapt to change, and therefore I strongly suggest that all of you accept the early retirement that we are offering as you probably will not have a job in six months." Sound familiar ? It's being played out all over America every day. And at this company, as at many companies, it worked. In October 1994 over 600 hundred of the most skilled, best trained, and most experienced employees got out while they could. We were lucky, we at least got something for all our years of hard work and loyalty, (even though what we got is not enough to live on).Many people are not so lucky, my brother was one! He got laid off after years with nothing. And what about the people who are left behind to work twice as hard, often at the same salary. Ask anyone who is still working for a downsized firm, their morale has never been so low. Many fellow employees are cutting each others throuts, because they are so afraid of loseing there jobs. The American worker is terrified to speak his true mind, because he or she may be the next one to be shown the door.

The corporate heads of almost every company in what used to be this great United States of America are playing this game. Some probably really do need to, however I believe the majority of them are taking advantage of their employees to make the bottom line look good. Keep the stockholders and the board happy, and get my big bonus. Get rid of the older, higher priced help, and replace them with younger people who out of need will work for a lot less money, and a lot less benifits. Some of these corporate creeps even hire back the people they laid off at less pay, and little or no benefits.

BUT, what are the coporate heads of these companies really doing? Our country is in serious financial trouble. And it's getting worse by the second. And one does not have to be a financial wizard to see why. The employees of this country have lost the ability to buy. If we do not pay our people a decent wage they simply do not have enough money to buy, and when people stop buying the whole economy suffers. One of the reasons people work is so they can buy nice things for themselves and their families. After a long hard day it is nice to relax and enjoy the things you have worked so hard to obtain. But how many of us have the money, time, or strength left to live the way we want to. People making less money pay less taxes. People making no money pay no taxes, and have to be supported. The very rich pay little or no taxes. The corporate heads of America are strangling themselves and all of us, and our government is helping them to do it. If corporate America doesn't smarten up this country is financially doomed! And it may already be too late.

Dave Kaspersin and his wife Jackie are the owners of Dynamic Recording in Rochester, a place that prides itself on being on the cutting edge of technology, and who have just launched two new businesses on the World Wide Web even though he is 53 now and totally out of touch with what is going on in the world, and cannot adapt to change. He is also a consultant for ABB Corporation, who hired him because of his technical skills shortly after he left his job of 26 years with Rochester Gas and Electric. He can be reached at:


From: John Dooley \ CompuServe: (75243,1351)
> To: \ Internet: (

Subject: A Christmas Gift

Thanks for the gift Robert.

I've been meaning to contact you. We've received a few faxes from you at the office. (Redwood Computers)

When I received the Xmas email I, of course remembered you guys. So, keep it up because what you're doing is definately effective and I for one know who "So Cool" is.

Merry Xmas.

John Dooley

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by Paul Andersen (

body: Check out the URL: for critical info on Congressman Riggs.

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