To: SoCOOL Bob
From: Devin <>
Subject: Re: merely humor of course.

What? Valley of the Moon? Missed it by that much. (gesturing with hands). Whoops, guess that doesn't work to well online does it? Maybe if you looked one valley to the east... Napa of course. Where better wine and Thai food come from. It's good to see some local sites on the Web however. I haven't decided whether or not to remain "road kill" myself. Tuff Call if I want to actually become an influence. It just strikes me how everyone has an ego on the Net. I suppose it takes one to know one, but whatever. So now that you've conquered and are upholding the Web, how far have you come on the meaning of life? Still on a Quest for knowledge myself. I suppose we all are. Anyways, just thought I'd right for the humor of itall. Of course, it's late and i'm not in my "right" mind, so i think I'll sign off. Please forgive the spelling, I never learned to spell. ahh, there's those tax dollars going to work. By the way, I ask, do you have any advice. I am 15, pay my share of taxs and can't vote? Whatever happened to no taxation without representation? I feel like starting a revolution or something. I've thought about writing a senator or something, but don't know how to go about doing it. I would greatly appreciate any advice you might have, especially coming from someone as masterfull as yourself.:) I swear they should come up with a better method for expressing humor over the Net. As I was saying, Goodnight, and thank you for your time.

Later. Devin

To: Devin

Bob, my partner in crime, cc'ed your letter to me since he found it interesting, as do I. If you're going to start a revolution do it while you're still young. Why? It is the vision and energy of youth that creates changes in society. With age vision is clouded by shades of grey, and the energy one does have is focused into survival. Although I still, in my heart, carry the spirit of the Sixties, never again will I have the clarity of purpose and passion I possessed nearly thirty years ago. The current political and social situation in this country sucks. Do something about it. The future is yours! The quest for Knowledge and Truth never ends. Experience and/or age will make the picture a bit more cohesive, but never complete. It's a bit like a giant jigsaw puzzle with no solution. For each piece that you put into place more pieces appear. Once you think you have found the ultimate Truth, in fact all you've done is given up the quest. Don't give up. The world is a wonderful mystery! Conquered the Web? Not hardly. Perhaps it's a small victory. It is a place where I can express myself in words and pictures without being subjected to the whim of another's editorial privilage. That's one of the great things about the Web. The individual has the ability to speak to millions of people without someone else dictating what is actually printed or shown. For a few dollars a month I can communicate with the world. The 'net, at least for the time being, is the closest thing you'll ever have to true freedom of speech. Use it and cherish it! Don't let morally bereft legislators, who will say or do anything to get re-elected, attempt to control it. Ego is merely the external manifestation of the self. Without ego very few of us would have the confidence to face the world. Ego is a usefulself-deception. As long as you remember that you will be able to laugh at yourself. As long as you remember that you will have compassion for your fellow man, for all the fear and self-loathing you keep inside of yourself, you can count on your fellows to be at least as fearful and loathful as yourself. You're not alone. Don't be afraid to share that feeling. Such is the basis of humor: the ability to laugh at ourselves. Never think that you are not subject to human frailty. It's hard to be the butt of a joke when you laugh along with your detractors. It helps the pain go away.Something that most "adults" won't admit is that it's hell to be a teenager, or if they do, they have lost sympathy. You've got all these strange hormones circulating through your body that are seemingly working at cross purposes with your brain. It's scary, it's strange, it's a pain in the ass, it's exciting. In retrospect, it's easier to to be philosophical about it. Is that at all encouraging? That's all I have to say for now. Feel free to continue the dialog. Tom

To: Devin
From: SoCoOL Bob

Thanks Devin ... I think you've obviously touched a "nerve" ... in both of us. In fact, reprinting your EMail may touch something in more than a few others. To Some, there is something very special about communication. Your apparently a fairly "bright" fellow ... and ... for those of us who've been around a while, and, who care and appreciate others, the suspicion is that you'll continue to become "brighter," based on YOUR OWN choices. Some of those choices, you may even have the opportunity to make, more than once ... it IMPROVES the ODDS. To think ... if I'm not mistaken ... your response came from a $1.00 ad in CompuServe. For me, it's 4:00 a.m., a little bit past "techie" time, but I've had a lot of work to do improving some of our pages, and writing others.

What do you think of the job Tom did on the graphics for YOUR GOD EXPERIENCE . Inspirational ? Better than what I did on Is That So ? Hanging in There . BUT ... I wanted to get this last document UP on the Web ... before I "hit" it ... cause obviously ... WE both believe your letter is significant. My own son, Jon, is 16, and now 2" taller than his "old dad ( who remains 6'2" )," and I've had the pleasure, once again, of seeing what a small seed can do. He's relatively "bright" himself, making progress everyday. Just between you and me, his "old dad" really isn't much different, inside, than he was when he was 16. The major advantage, for me, is the choices I've had the opportunity to make, and the experience that resulted when I did. BUT ... they only have meaning ... as a guide ... to the choices I make TODAY ... and ... what I will do TOMORROW. It's nice to have achieved, really, just a couple of things, but I'm really rather anxious to go ONE MORE ROUND. I think the EXCITING thing about the Web, for myself, and I suspect for Tom, is the VAST NATURE of IT ALL ... it is a WHOLE NEW CHALLENGE ... that at FIRST GLANCE ... CANNOT BE CONQUERED ... IT'S SO INCREDIBLY BIG. At second glance ... IT GETS BIGGER ... and despite the fact that we've grown in it ... just a little each day ... it still REMAINS ... unconquerable.The ONLY way to relate to it, in MY OPINION, is TOGETHER ... because TOGETHER ... we can grasp IT ... because TOGETHER we ARE IT. I confess, I like that ... A LOT.A few more comments on the text of your message.

On the subject of ego, my thoughts are these:

Interesting enough, as a younger man, the thing it was suggested I might have to OVERCOME, was too much EMPATHY DRIVE ... giving too much time and credit to the legitimate thoughts of others. Indeed, I suspect, that people who are PRIMARILY driven by EGO may appear, at least, to perform a little bit better. They pursue their own goals ... and don't give a GUESS WHAT about what happens to others. At the same time, I have almost NEVER felt that I did a good enough job CARING ABOUT OTHERS. In fact, I felt, in order to do so, I HAD TO GET BETTER. I STILL DO. To the extent I have been driven by EGO, it was the desire within ME to get better AT THAT ... and a certain pride .. at OCCASIONALLY ... being SUCCESSFUL.

On the meaning of life ...

I confess, again, I believe I've got that one handled. Indeed, some of my friends, would tell you, I have more than once been heard to utter, I'm ready to GO, and I don't say that lightly. In a very real sense, a large part of my life feels like a legitimate attempt to DO AGAIN, what I've done before, EXCEPT in a constantly NEW ARENA. In 1976, I grew to where I felt was way over my head, but that was alright with me ... that was, indeed, for me, a part of the "purpose" of life ... to grow ... beyond ... where I was before. Unfortunately, not a lot of people were ready to grow with me. I think, they thought, I was nuts. In 1976, my message was, ANYBODY, can LEARN, how to SPEAK on Television ... frankly ... many people didn't think so ... and probably didn't even want to learn. Today, I think, ANYBODY, can learn how to operate a computer, and then become a publisher, on the World Wide Web. There are obviously some people who don't think so ... and THEREFORE don't, won't.

Those meanings of life things that I have come, through EXPERIENCE, to KNOW, for me, are really scattered all over our Web pages.

Success ,
the Triangle of Success,
YOUR God Experience,
Where in the WWW is Jonathan Livingston Seagull? ,
As A Man/Women Thinketh.
The SoCoOL Philosophy
These are the things, because of the ACTIONS I've taken, that have taught me, what it means to GROW. I continue to believe that ANYONE CAN DO IT ... my major sadness ... is that APPARENTLY ... many don't. As a young man, I can recall being primarily motivated by a desire to encourage others to grow ... FOR THEIR BENEFIT ... and vividly recall ... more than once ... someone ASKING ME what's IN IT FOR YOU. You know, quite often, I didn't know. (Indeed, there was another fellow named Kennedy who in those days, became famous, at least partially for saying, " ASK NOT, what Your Country Can Do For You, ASK what YOU CAN DO for YOUR COUNTRY." What a lot of People may have missed, was that ASKING YOURSELF, WHAT YOU COULD DO, was really designed to DO GOOD THINGS, FOR YOU. What wasn't missed, is that a whole lot of people DIDN'T BUY IT and they SHOT HIM ... and HIS BROTHER. Do you suppose we ALL LOST, because HE and WE were not given the ROOM to GROW ? )

Now, a little older and wiser, I've begun to realize, perhaps again, that the lack of growth in others, really does hurt, even those who are motivated to grow. At that level, it is perhaps true, that WE NEED TO GROW TOGETHER. I'm just not "in" to BLOWING AWAY those who don't.

So far as taxes and voting are concerned ...
I am particularly motivated by the notion one should make every effort to "build your treasures in heaven," .... and ... "leave onto Caesar, what is Caesar's." I really don't like focusing on things that APPEAR so unproductive ... especially when I would really prefer ACHIEVING SOME MEANINGFUL RESULT. Think about it ... in a relatively short time ... TRUST ME ... you will be able to vote. Indeed, you CAN NOW, if you recognize and improve upon the way in which your ACTIONS are able to INFLUENCE OTHERS. Your friends, your family, indeed, you've certainly influenced US. I'll bet Tom is pleased, as I am, that you've SOMEHOW, managed to become PRODUCTIVE, despite the many potential influences that We, and YOU, make think, seem to be encouraging you to WAIT. Thank goodness you are productive enough to have to pay taxes. That's the good part. Thank goodness you are not computer illiterate. You've come this FAR ... I suspect Tom ... and certainly I would say ... JUST KEEP GOING. Keep adding to your skills ... keep adding to your knowledge ... and wherever possible ... include in your desires the DESIRE to HELP OTHERS ... DO EXACTLY THE SAME THING.
Well, there it is Devin. Bet you didn't know you were going to set off that bomb. Hope you got something you can build on.


To: SoCoOL Bob
From: Raleigh Macklin
Subject: Cheap Trick

Hey. Remember that old band, Cheap Trick... But, really: what a cheap trick, attracting attention to your locale by misleading the public as to the content of your web page. You're so cruel! R. Macklin

To: The Doctor
From: SoCoOL Bob

Tom Do YOU know what Raleigh's talking about ... Let me guess ... somewhere there is a reference to Sex and Sonoma County ONLINE?

To: SoCoOL Bob
From: The DoctorTeasing, too, may be an art form.

To: The Doctor
From: (Tabatha Holtz)
Subject: Re: COWS!

Loved your web site!!! Funny, nice design, backgrounds, entertaining! Just wanted to let you know you'll be groovin' on my site till tomorrow evening then you'll be moved to the "Stay Pretty, Die Young" section. Cool Sites !!! Thanks for the tip!Tabatha:

To: Tabatha
From: The Doctor

High praise indeed from the one, true Web Queen!


From: SoCoOL Bob
Subject: Love Your Background ...Your foreground ain't too shabby either ....

Just a site gag!

To: The Doctor
From: "Peter S. Young" (Peter S. Young - S.S.A.S.)

Dear Doctor:

"This SIGHT is Netscape-enhanced." Does Netscape sell virtual eyeglasses that enhance your sight? For most home pages using Netscape, the SITE is enhanced. Does the Doctor need an Editor ?

To: Peter:From: The Doctor

Are you with the Internet Police? Perhaps you would like to issue asite-ation? Can't help it if I'm cite impaired. I'll accept virtual-lyany pun-ishment you may deem appropriate.All in jest,TheDoctor

How we became SoCoOL...

To: SoCoOL Bob
From: Devin
Subject: How about this? It's your site, but how bout SoCoOL instead of SoCo? Just a thought. Later.Dev



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