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We receive all sorts of email: inquiries, comments, insults, incontinence, crankmail, criticisms, solicitations, kudos, even an occasional quiet, and very personal cry from the dark.

The following pages are a sample of the "Best of," the e-mail that we receive.

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Question ???

From: Selena SolThe Electronic Freedom Foundation
To: Thomas Most
Subject: Re: Internet LegislationThanks for the is now in
Consider everything i think, create or express as public domain.Protect cyberspace. Join EFF now! If I've helped you in any way, you are now obligated (on your conscience) to answer somebody else's question or get them online. Spread the meme!

To: SoCooLBob@Yahoo.Com

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs

Subject: Remember we were saying that Exon should be arrested?
From: Selena Sol
To: themost@wco.comForwarded

We all need to retain our sense of humor in trying times. Please forward this to whoever you think is lacking.[This was sent to]June 14, 1995Dear Department of Justice official,It has come to my attention that there are two gentleman by the names of Jim Exon (D-NE) and Dan Coats (R-IN) who possess and have been distributing child pornography and other obscene materials to membersof the United States Senate. In a speech today that I viewed on CSPANII, James Exon stood up on the Senate floor and waved something he called, the "Blue Book".He stated this "Blue Book" contained pornography downloaded from the Internet, including "photos and stories featuring torture, child abuse and beastiality". Furthermore, the Senator said he had been passing it around to many other Senators and encouraging them to read it, when hesaid, "I have had the opportunity to share this with both sides of theaisle".In addition another Senator, Dan Coats (R-IN) a friend of Sen. Exon's, illustrated the graphic nature of the material they had in their "BlueBook", when he said "we're talking about images and text that deal with the sexual abuse of children. We're talking about images and words that deal with the sexual abuse of infants...It's available on the Internet, and we've got pictures for anyone who wants to see it."I must confess, I am not an attorney, and I'm unfamiliar with the laws regarding possession, solicitation, and distribution of child pornography and obscene material. Furthermore, I do not think I've ever seen child pornography on the Internet. However during the debate today I heard several Senators talk about the scourge that child pornography is, and how all child pornographers should be locked up.I fear for the safety of the remaining members of the Senate, and otherinnocent children that may visit the nation's capitol, expecting to obtain a lesson in civics, who may instead discover something inappropriate should they happen upon the "Blue Book". In addition, both Senators Coats and Exon confessed that they had little practical knowledge of the Internet. This indicates to me that someone else must have assisted them in obtaining this material from the Internet. I have no idea how many are involved in this conspiracy to obtain and disseminate childpornography, but I suspect that it may be only the tip of the iceberg.I assume the DOJ does not monitor the Congressional Record for evidenceof child pornography and obscenity, so I thought that as a concerned citizen, I ought to bring this to your attention. You should be able to obtain a copy of the Congressional Record without requiring a subpoena.Let me know if you need any help in doing so. I am sure you will take whatever action you feel is appropriate.Thank you very much for your attention.Respectfully submitted, Shabbir J. Safdar

To: SoCooLBob@Yahoo.ComFrom: Patrick Ford
Organization: Baylor College of Medicine

How come you are using the icon for the Church of the Sub-Genius deity, Bob? Have you become his incarnation?

To: Patrick Ford
From: SoCooLBob@Yahoo.Com

It's true, I go a long way back with the Church of the Sub-Genius. As I remember it, some 20 or 25 years ago it was the Society for the SubGenius. I was first exposed to them via a feature on Showtime. Naturally I was fascinated with their creation of a leader BOB. Sort of natural, I guess. Then I enjoyed their satirical recreation of the principles of self-improvement, philosophy, religion, spirituality, etc. Indeed, while their triangle may be a bit "far out" you may have noticed a principle I have enjoyed personally, and communicated about on many occasions, the Triangle of Success. How about yourself? What is your "familiarity" with "BOB"?

To: SoCooLBob@Yahoo.Com
From: Patrick Ford

My familiarity with BOB is:

1) Friends in Dallas, TX who occasionally mention the Church of the SubGenius. I believe mostly to antagonize religious associates and friends. (This was similar to their response when accosted by "Have you found Jesus?", which is "Have you lost him again?")

2) The Skeptical Inquirer re: how one of the houses they were meeting in, I believe Florida, caught on fire and that was an indication of him revealing himself.

3) BOB graffiti on the bike paths in Sacramento, CA about 6 years ago. This set off a graffiti war between the Church of the SubGenius and a Christian group where they tried to purge each others icons and generally out do each other. I viewed it as weekly entertainment.

To: thedoctor@socool.comFrom: netcow@mcs.netHiyas,

Great page(s)! The design is most professional: quick-to-load and visuallypleasing. I like the cow icons, but, uncharacteristically, I'll forbear my kleptomaniacal cow tendencies. It did take me a while to figure out that Sonoma County is in California,and then only because I have friends in Petaluma. Dunno, thought I was pretty good in geography.Online Services Mgr, NetCowKeep on Mooin'Grazing The Web

Sorry Barbara, it will never happen!

To: SoCooLBob@Yahoo.ComFrom:
Barbara Snyder
Subject: Sonoma County home page not text-friendly

Hi - I am soon moving to Sebastopol and so was very happy to see the Welcome to Sonoma County online page. However, for reasons of speed, I had image loading turned off, and the page was therefore useless. I am sensitive to this issue, as there are many people out there still who have access only to text-based browsers such as lynx. They deserve access to this page too!Please, put Alt text on your images so lynx users and slow dial-up folks like myself can still make use of the great information you've put together.Thanks for your consideration -- Barb

To: SoCooLBob@Yahoo.Com
From:"KFTY Broadcasting, Inc"
Subject: Web Site

Hi Bob, Eric Peter from KFTY CH.50 Checkin' ya out. Nice HP, Accompanying info, and Personal profile. Maybe we can get together on a project some time. View ya later!

To: "KFTY Broadcasting, Inc"
From: SoCooLBob@Yahoo.Com

Thanks Eric! We appreciate your visiand.. hope you'll return often. I've got a great idea for a talk show, oh, I told you about that already.Well, Thanks Again for the Kind Words. We can use the support from the"big guys" and "gals." IT HELPS !!!

More Kudos...

Subject: COOL

Your graphics are the coolest I've seen on the Web!!! If you don't mind measking, what type graphics package do you use? I could sure use one.


To: You
From: The Doctor and SoCoOl Bob

All of your mail is important to us! Please feel free to write The Doctor,or SoSoOL Bob or use our Response Form.Thanks!


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