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  • There's a principle ( twelve reasonably famous ones ) in advertising called "hitch your wagon to a star." It suggests that one way you increase the probability of attracting a large audience is to is to "hitch" your product or service to a subject that already has the attention of a large audience.

    Today, April 25, 2000, you could pretty much guarantee that a significant portion of the population is paying at least a small amount of attention to the unfolding events concerning Elian Gonzalez and others. With good reason I believe.

    Things being what they are you can pretty much guarantee there will be many differences of opinion.

    As the real life drama plays out before us everyone will have an opportunity to take their point of view and express it.

    Some will bury their heads in the sand and go on about there business.

    Most will go on about their business and keep a small eye watching as these real life players ... and role models ... take their positions and state their opinion.

    Family Values ...

    ... have certainly been discussed among the primary objectives of politicians and peoples on many sides of the discourse. Here's a chance to express them in the real life drama of a father and son re-united. Besides, if you want to get on camera or if we get you on camera, you can bet there's a reasonable possibility we're going to ask you one question. Oh by the way, what do you think of this thing with Elian Gonzalez? This week there won't be as much of Mr. Bush or anybody else, 'what do you think of the economy, or medicare, or social security'.

    Some will speak of Fidel Castro, and Cuba, and the various pains and agonies that have been experienced by real human beings, over decades, and yesterday, as each tries to seek regress for their grievances. Regardless of our opinion, most of us pursue among our primary goals ... family values.

    Do we approach the entire scene when confronted with the real life drama of a father seperated from his son, and then advocate something else? How 'bout this ... SoCô¿ôL opinion ... while your busy bullshitting your various positions in this drama, above all Elian should be with his father, and now he is.

    Those who proclaim to be on or friends of 'The Christian Right.' Those who claim to be working toward the freedom of Cuba and it's people. Those who are burying your heads in the sand ... each of you or a significant percentage of you should, among other things, be praying? for all of the parties, including Fidel Castro. Perhaps, this intense human drama could and will wake up something in enough significant people to say hey yeah, we do believe in the power and importance of the relationship between father and son and we are not going to somehow assume as our primary proposition that Elian Gonzalez's father cannot take care of himself and Elian.

    You know the doggone thing happend on Easter, for goodness sakes. Are you Christians and/or others going to begin with the proposition that if you behave yourself even a little bit right, even Fidel Castro could be re-born. Oh ye of such little faith ?

    It's O.K. to watch and see if he is or not. It's O.K. to watch and make a judgement if others are or not, and vice/versa. But if you profess to be a Christian and/or patriotic American shouldn't you be rooting for and/or praying for and not throwing rocks at the current Administrators of Justice.

    Let your motives, your behaviors and your words reflect your pursuit of these goals.

    Bob Kennedy
    SoCô¿ôL Bob
    Just Say Yô¿ô !!!

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