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It took about 72 hours for the Internet to print accident photos of Princess Diana.

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June 12, 1997
3rd Anniversary of the Death of Ron and Nicole
SoCoOL Comments on Sexual Harassment
And Visitors Comments
It Happened Again !!!
SoCoOL Sexual Harassment Quiz
Your Problem If You Can't Take A Joke
SoCoOL Bob's Day In Court
SoCoOL "The Bull" For President
June 18, 1996
Davis Guilty
Polly Klaas Foundation for Children
25 Unanswered Questions About The Polly Klaas Murder ???
April 10, 1996
We remember Jessica Dubroff
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Editorials and Political Commentary
Universal Search Tool
Bill Gates Strategy On The Internet, December 7, 1995
The Pentagon has created a Web site called BosniaLINK
About the JFK Assasination
Windows 95?
Read commentary about AOL/GNN merger.
Tom gets fired up over Internet legislation.
Internet Protests Net Censorship
Million Man March
Million Geek March
The Trial of The Century
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FAIR, The Other Side, or "Limbaugh Debates Reality."
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Slate ... Michael Kingsley joins the Web
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Virtual Primary ... Your Vote For President
Politics Now
Poli Babble ... Ain't It The Truth
New Politics /Entertainment Bay Area Alternative Press
Free Speech Newspaper
VotelinkWorthy of selection as one of the WWW's Top INTERACTIVE Websites, Votelink gives you the opportunity to register your opinion on important issues.


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I found your name and e-mail in Bill Gates Column and am in need of your assistance. I am Linda Terrell the founder of "WISHING ON THE LONE STAR". We are trying to grant a WISH and need your help please. Could you please visit Bill Gates Column ... go down to March 11 10:04:17 1996 for "WISHING ON THE LONE STAR" by Linda Terrell and read the post. We are trying to fill Bills e-mail so perhaps we can get his attention. Could you please leave a post for him and e-mail him the following message (or message of your choice)
Thank you for your time as I and Denise appreciate everyone in this adventure.
Sincerely, Linda Terrell & Denise C.

SoCoOL thanks you for the opportunity to participate !!!

ROCK THE VOTE... We already have a God ... what we're looking for now is a President.

If you didn't see Christopher Reeves on CNN ... then ... momentarily we hope ... you may have missed an opportunity to see positive philosophy in action. We humbly commend his "Success Experience" to anyone willing to listen. If you've ever read the Bible ... the story of Job ... or ever had "need to" ... then you understand the incredible test of human kind that exists for those who face "incredible lack." We don't pretend to be anything of an expert about his history, his life, etc. etc., but we can imagine, if we dare, what it might be like to be a person used to and highly capable of performing at a high level, and then, in an instant, have one's physical being totally taken away, to the point of becoming totally paralyzed from the neck down. Noone would ever wish, I'm sure including Mr. Reeves, that any of us be forced to face that test ... but ... we humbly thank God, for the inspiration of his daily positive experience of going from point a to point b. We pray for a miracle even greater than the one he demonstrates now.
We couldn't find a specific reference to Christopher Reeves, or his email address if he has one, but we can recommend you continue the search with us by referring to The American Paralysis Association.
The Question Man? U.S National Debt Clock
In the great USA debate over the budget, the LOW NUMBER for Medicare, bragged about by either party, is some $7,000 a year for every person on Medicare. Considering that many Americans, this one included, have a tough time NOW with the $300 or $350/month it supposed to cost us for our own medical insurance, how are we collectively supposed to afford that kind of $$$?
Reply EMail ... Subject: Federal Budget
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Federal Budget
March 21, 1996
The Cyber Smut Trial Begins
March 5, 1996
SoCoOL Visitors Respond to Unsolicited EMail
February 26, 1996
The BIG BOOKPremieres ... A Whole New Concept in Yellow Pages
February 10, 1996
The Awesome Site Cow Pie Awards ... Worthy of Consideration
February 8, 1996
February 7. 1996
We certainly hope that there are elements of the communications bill that are of benefit to all of us.However, many of us are concerned at what appears to be the total lack of VALUES demonstrated by BOTH SIDES ... when they make speeches to us about FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY and VALUES ... and then pass a bill that attempts to PROHIBIT, DENY, VIOLATE OUR RIGHT TO SPEAK. You see ... it's very frustrating when THEY DON'T PUT THEIR VOTES WHERE THERE MOUTH IS. We wonder when they'll ACT on OUR understanding.
Voters TeleComm Watch.
Is there someone who favors INTERNET Censorship that wants to explain ... from their experience ...how and why we're doing this .... how this is in OUR best interest? SoCoOL Freedom of Response Mechanism
How would you like to listen to music while you browse SoCoOL? Reply EMail
If the answers yes you could download this free softwareand then send us your requests.
February 6, 1996
O.J. Simpson Re-Visited
February 3, 1996
Getting "The Most" from Sonoma County ONLINE
January 24, 1996
The AWESOME EMail Award
January 23, 1996
President Clinton has had trouble with accusations of Sexual Harassment ... So has SoCoOL Bob.
Sexual Harassment
Sexual Harassment Links
A Cow Pie Is An AWESOME Site. Don't miss this latest "moving" award winner !
January 17, 1996
The Power of One
A French bishop who was sacked by the Vatican for his liberal views now has proclaimed himself the first bishop in cyberspace.We begin our commentary with this reference to a Reuters News release, as first viewed on CompuServe. In our opinion, this is another dramatic demonstration of the "Power of One," as enhanced by the presence of the World Wide Web.
January 11, 1996
Cyber Patrol
You say that you OBJECT to PORNOGRAPHY on the INTERNET. You say your concerned about the Nazi's, the U-Bomber, Nuclear bombs, different religions, FREE Thought. We say take responsibility for yourself and your offspring. Leave the World Wide Web FREE to grow and prosper. God did ... didn't He/She? Still concerned ..... then get your very own copy of Cyber Patrol... and Please .... please don't tell me and my friends that the only way you can exercise your FREEDOM ... is by taking away mine.

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