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Subject: Fwd: "24 Hours in Cyberspace" global photo project (fwd)

Given that all of you are great examples of how Cyberspace is changing people's lives all over the world, I thought you would be interested in this message.

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"You Ought To Be In Pictures"
Rick Smolan, creator of "A Day In The Life" and the team that created the , "From Alice to Ocean" and "Passage to Vietnam" photography books, want to shoot you and your friends! They're looking for the best examples about how Cyberspace is changing peoples lives all over the world and if they like your story they may send one of the world's top photographers to shoot pictures of you on Thursday, February 8, 1996. On that day over 1000 photographers armed with digital cameras will be dispatched around the globe to show how Cyberspace is beginning to reach out and affect peoples lives. It's going to be one of the largest photographic projects ever done and certainly one of the biggest collaborative internet projects.

The Focus of "24 Hours in Cyberspace: Painting on the Walls of the Digital Cave" will be on the human stories behind the technology; the new ways in which we work, play, learn, conduct business and interact. These photographs will be transmitted digitally back to project headquarters in San Francisco that same day, where an international team of 80 editors (representing Time, Newsweek, Life, National Geographic etc), plus designers and programmers will assemble a unique "instant" 24-hour World Wide Web site. The goal is to produce unprecedented online, real-time photojournalism on a global scale.

The idea is to use the power of the Internet to let people around the world both contribute and view images and stories of things that happened since they woke up that day.

The goal here is NOT to show people sitting at computer terminals and it's not about collecting lots of random "bits". The project is driven by carefully researched assignments and is both photograpic and edit driven. The goal is to show in photographs and words how peoples lives are being affected as a results of being wired.

The leads can be about you, a friend, something you read about that as cool, etc. A team of professional journalists on the 24 Hours staff will follow up any interesting leads.

If you think you've got a great story to tell and would like to either submit an assignment idea or learn more about how you can participate in this cool project please send your ideas to: or check out: Please also feel free to pass this along to people you know. Do It While You're Thinking About It.

Eileen McMahon
Children's Interactive Media Consultant
phone: 310.450.3775 fax: 310.450.3278


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