We Can't Let These Yo-Yo's
Control The INTERNET
SoCô¿ôL Yo-Yos

Up till now the U.S.of A. has been ruled by Elephants and Asses
Slingin The Bull
Now it's time for
"The Bull"
To Do The Slingin'
Each of the candidates claims to be
The Most Patriotic
No candidate is more "Bullish" on Change or America .. and
"The Most" is SoCô¿ôL
Some candidates don't even read the platform
Mock Platform
Republican Central Committee
Democratic Party Platform
Reform Party Platform
All four of my legs stand
firmly on "The Bovine" Platform
With all the other candidates there's a BIG HURRY to Rescue America
With SoCô¿ôL "The Bull" ... there's
Bob Dole's
New Economic Plan
Is Going To Write You A CHECK
For $ 1500 - $ ?????
SoCô¿ôL "The Bulls" Economic Plan
Is Going To Write You A CHECK
For $$$$$ Millions
'Course Ours Will Bounce, Too
Perot.gif - 2.6 K
They say their LISTENING
I say Reply Email
As With ALL Political Parties
Your Contributions Are Welcome
Many Americans Think All Politicians
Are Full Of S____
SoCô¿ôL "The Bull" Is Full Of
Those Other Guys Are Constantly
Bad Mouthing Each Other
SoCô¿ôL "The Bull" Has Nothing But
Good Things To Say
About The Competition
Bill Clinton Has Al Gore
Bob Dole has Jack Kemp
Ross Perot Has A Big Problem
Help SoCô¿ôL "The Bull"
Select A Running Mate
Of Growing Importance
To All Political Candidates
Is The Gender Gap
Snoopy For President MP3
I'm Not Sure How This Works
But ...Disclaimer
It's Gotta Fit In There Somewhere
Both major candidates can be objectively accused of waffling on their positions on
Major Issues
"SoCô¿ôL" The Bull recommends
Each Candidate
Take This Simple Objective Test
And then stick to it !!!
Both of the Other Candidates
Are Now Busy Slamming Each Other
About Illegal and Legal Campaign Contributions

SoCô¿ôL Is Already Guilty
Of Campaign Contributions

For My Next Trick Dole Has His Ups and Downs In Chico

A Yo-Yo Is Just Like An Incumbent
It's Cheap
It Comes Back Almost Every Time
You Gotta Put

OR it just sort of Lays There

And The Winner Is ?

We Can't Let These Yo-Yo's Control The INTERNET
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We Respond To Your Complaints The Same ... Whatever They Are
SoCô¿ôL ... ONLINE thanks you for response and assures you that YOUR matter is being INVESTIGATED. The staff has been extremely busy ... as are we all ... preparing for the upcoming Presidential Election ....

Just keep clicking when you reach this spot, and you too will be going around in circles !!!

Despite the fact that the economy is good, the weather is good, the humor is good, etc., we are experiencing a TREMENDOUS SHORTAGE of Slogans. Actually, in this Era of Change, what we really NEED are THEMES. We have a "New Beginning" ... write everybody in America a Great Big Check, FREEDOM, and DEMOCRACY ... but in this sophisticated you can't say age without offending someone ... we need more.

I wish we had an ORGANIZATION of truly creative individuals like The Amboy Dukes to

Contribute to the Campaign !!!


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