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There may be nothing new in Selling. But there certainly are different people AND different objectives. This is an excellent place to an examination of "Marketing on the Net."


One of the oldest, and therefore of the most well-known stories told about Internet Marketing, is the story about the wannabe author who tried everything to get their new book published. Having distributed the manuscript to a great many publishers, and having received an equal number of rejections, and not having the MONEY necessary to "self publish," this never-say-die, PERSERVERANT entrepreneur used what will be called by this author, the #1 GLORIFYING PRINCIPLE of MARKETING.


Action Step This author PUBLISHED ... a chapter of the book on the INTERNET.
Result A whole new group of people became exposed to this work AND found it worthy enough to purchase more. This author reportly sold 100,000 copies. At $10 bucks a copy = $ONE MILLION SAMOLIANS, SMACKERS, BUCKS, DINERO, LONG GREENS ( substitute BIG BUCKS in your native tongue).
Recommendation GIVE your potential customers a SAMPLE of what you do. Give them a glimpse of YOU, your product or service so they can be exposed to the BENEFITS your product/service has to OFFER. The more people that are exposed to those BENEFITS ... the MORE YOU'LL SELL.

There are a number of other stories we don't have the time or space to tell. Some of them can be found right here on SoCô¿ôL.

#2 Glorifying Principle of Marketing on THE INTERNET


Asking for a referral is an ADDED BONUS of the INTERNET . Put your EMail address and your HOME PAGE address on every piece of correspondence, every business card, every "site" you and your associates visit. It takes up little or NO SPACE and creates the opportunity for A LOT MORE PEOPLE to access the BEST of what YOU do.

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Looking for a Shortcut ???

I've thought long and hard about that one .... as it relatest to "The Triangle of Success" and how it works when it comes to marketing. There are no shortcuts to success. The successful achievement of worthwhile goals almost always takes some amount of time.

But time is afterall relative. What amount of time are we talking about ? 6 - 8 weeks ? That certainly might be considered a short amount of time ... to successfully achieve a great many things, including INTERNET marketing.

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