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It is with a GREAT DEAL of PLEASURE that Sonoma County ONLINE introduces The Love Pages. This is the second of our "major" audience response pages ... where we give SoCoOL "viewers" the opportunity to SHARE some of their most significant personal experiences.

The second step in our page design begins with research. Our favorite search tools returned thousands of documents on the subject of LOVE. We will be including a good many of these "Love Links" ... along with an appropriate disclaimer.

Our primary purpose, is to solicit YOUR RESPONSE. We are asking YOU to submit YOUR MOST SIGNIFICANT LOVE EXPERIENCE. That moment in your life when you learned the most about what LOVE IS ... or perhaps ... ISN"T. Describe for us in detail ... who was there ... where you were ... what it looked like, smelled like, touch, tasted, or felt like ... and what you learned.

In keeping with tradition, SoCoOL Bob will go first. As on so many occasions when I was a public speaking, human relations instructor, a sample experience, is and was appropropriate ... to be delivered by the instructor. Often, the quality of the experience directly influenced the quality of the experiences shared by the class members. In this case, I would describe my own Experience #1 as a mild experience. Not terribly emotional, not even terribly vivid in my own memory. This is perhaps why heretofore the quality of Your Experiences has not been as dramatic as ... for example ... Your God Experiences. So be it.

Here, however, is SoCoOL Bob's Experience #2 ... a much more recent experience that can further describe my own uniqueness, and encourage a more quality response. Tread gently on "The Dreamer and The School Teacher"

To share Your Love Experience simply Reply EMail ... Subject: My Most Memorable Love Experience

SoCoOL Bob's Love Experience #1

The incident I will choose happened when I was about 8 or 9. Her name was Patsy. She was the vision of every "cute," "petite," every day "little girl next door." She was most famous for her roller skating. She was very good and looked all the more beautiful dressed in one of those skating gowns. Oh, how I would hurt, if Patsy ever fell.

Patsy lived close by. On this particular occasion a casual conversation had led to a walk to the railroad tracks just a block or so away. This was as far as either of us were allowed to go ... unescorted. On this occasion, we found the opportunity to walk north on the tracks, about 30 or 40 yards, to a "romantic" little hiding place where inquiring minds could discover a tiny opening leading under a tree to a bench like branch where two small people might sit ... together.

I don't know that Patsy felt ... anything like what I felt. All I recall is that the feelings that occasionally followed me when she was gone, seemed to intensify when she was there. My heart would flutter, the blood rush to my head. My mouth would become completely dry. I couldn't help but act different ... and yet ... she didn't seem to mind. She seemed to acknowledge very little of what was going on for me. She followed as I showed her the hiding place ... and sat down when offered a seat on our "private" tree. Shyly ... I sat down too ... and again, she didn't object ... or walk away. We talked some more ... or did we ... and then the moment of truth seemed to just appear. I raised my left hand to scratch behind my head as I slowly and deliberately raised my right arm .... as if to yawn. Slowly I began to put my right arm around her shoulder.

She didn't seem to make a move or anything ... BUT ... my vision ... instead of being of the tree across the way ... or Patsy ... was fast becoming a picture of the branches overhead .... as I tumbled head over heals backwards onto the ground ... My heals were left hanging from where my "seat" had been before. I lay there for a moment ... totally embarassed ... then pulled myself up ... to find Patsy gone.

What did I learn from this experience ? Well ... I certainly learned about that field of energy that surrounds the experience that one person may have of another. Maybe I should have learned that when it came to women ... I would inevitably be condemned to falling flat on my a-- !!! In any event, I still remember ... that glow. Perhaps, if you're real good in sharing YOUR MOST MEMORABLE LOVE EXPERIENCE ... we'll all learn more about what it seems each of us needs to know !"

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