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SoCô¿ôL is primarily into content and interactivity ... and I know a lot of people don't particularly like advertising. So we tried to put most of it here on one page, in it's own window, and give you a choice whether to access it. You can leave it open and let it load ... IT'S A BIG ONE ... LOT's of Pictures. Once it's loaded you can go back and check it out. There's really quite a collection of intersting stuff. 'From underwear to auto loans, Win A Million Dollars!' There's bound to be something there that you will find interesting. Click On At Least One. Sometimes SoCô¿ôL gets paid a little bit if you just click on the page. What the heck. it IS advertising ¤¿¤ Don't Forget The Ones On The Bottom Just Say Yô¿ô !!!

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