Thesis on Religious Experience
I am writing a thesis on religious experiences and I was hoping to post an advertisment on your page. I am looking for people who are willing to let me use their experience in my paper and allow me to contact them (through e-mail) to ask them a few specific questions.
Thank you,

Thank you very much for letting me use your webpage! It would be great if you could just post this message where people will see it!

I am gathering information about religious experiences people have had for my thesis project. If you would like to help me out by sending me your experiences, I would be very thankful. Send your responses to

Or you may use the following form.

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1) What was the religious experience?

2) Were you raised in a religious home?

If yes, what was the religion (denomination)?
If no, are you religious now that you have had a religiousexperience ?

3) How has it changed your life?

4) What was your emotional state prior to this experience - were you scared, anxious, depressed, happy, etc.?


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