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Experience:  I've always believed in God, most of my life (i am 21).  
Especially when I was younger.  I always prayed and went to 
church (mainly then because my parents forced me to!),  but 
one day when I was 13, I had an amazing thing happen.  My 
aunt Sharon was pregnant, we were all happy about it, she 
was about 4 months along and her and my uncle were pleased 
because the doctor said everything looked good so far but 
they didn't want to know the sex of the baby. 

One night I had a dream, in front of me was this newborn baby boy.  I 
knew that it was my aunts baby, i just knew it.  It was 
hooked up to all of these machines, and I could tell that 
something was not right.  It was like I could then see into 
the body and saw that the lungs and kidneys were not fully 
developed.  It was so real and vivid.  I remember this 
feeling of sadness, but then the dreamed changed to a 
feeling of hope.  Something was letting me know that 
everything would be ok, but I had to pray.  

I told my aunt about this dream, she got angry and said "don't 
even talk about that!". So I completly dropped it. It was always on 
my mind though. The day she went into labor, everyone was 
excited, I remember faking my excitment because I could not 
stop feeling this urge to pray because something would not 
be right.  I prayed, and of course, when she had my little 
cousin (Justin), he was immediatly taken away because he 
wasn't crying or breathing at all.  The  doctors then saw 
that the umbilicol cord had been wrapped around his neck 
during the pregnancy and his lungs and kidneys did not 
fully develope.  When I heard this chills went through my 
body, I prayed for hours.  

When I went to see Justin in the hospital, he was hooked 
up to a baby life support machine,  it was the exact picture 
of what I saw in my dream.  I mean, it was literally like i took 
a polaroid in my dream and was looking at it. My mom 
baptized him because the octors said he wasn't going to live, 
but guess what?  God performs miracles!  The doctors were 
wrong and my cousin is doing great.  He is now 7 years old.  

This is just one of many experiences, but as I got older and 
into highschool, my innocence was gone and I felt far from God, 
and these experiences stopped happening.  It wasn't until recently 
that i came back to God.  And if I wrote all of the miraculous 
things I have seen and heard, you probably would not believe it!  
But other things have happened, I probably don't have enough time 
to write them all.     
which:  My mom was not REALLY religious.  We went to church and 
believed in God.  My parents are divorced, my mom is 
remarried to a man that is basically like most people, just 
kind of in the middle of things when it comes to religion.  
My real father is a catholic, he was pretty strict but my 
parents divorced when i was four so i didn't get the full 
"wrath" that my father would have given me for my pothead 
highschool years!
after:  My mom was Lutheran, like i said my dad was Catholic,  
recently i have been "saved" and i am on fire for God like 
never before.  I go to a Pentecostal church.  That one 
experience has always been like a fact to me that God 
exists, and he will do miracles, but you have to be opn to 
before:  This and other miracles that I have seen, like when my 
brother almost died in a car accident, a day that i will 
also never forget, is just proof to me that things happen 
science CANNOT explain.  In fact the night my brother got 
in his car accident, my mom woke up and saw an angel in her 
room at the exact time that the accident occured.  Now, she 
didn't know at that time what was happening to my brother, 
nor did I know that my little cousin was going to have this 
happen.  It cannot be coincidence, and if it is, then i 
have had a lot of coincidences!!!  God is real.  There is 
no longer any doubt in my mind.
emotions:  I was 13 and I was not really in any intense emotional 
state.  I was just a hyperactive 13 year old with zits on 
my face!  I guess you could say I was basically happy.


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