From: James Spencer
Subject: personal religious experience

In 1967 I was 33 years old, married, with 4 children and living in Chapel Hill, Texas. About 10 miles east of Tyler. We were members of a very small Baptist church and I taught Sunday School. I believed in God but just did not understand how Jesus fit into the picture. The time this event happened was the week before Easter and I was very concerned that I did not know enough about Jesus to teach my class Easter Sundy. I prayed Monday night before I went to bed that God would explain to me about Jesus. In my prayer I told God that I figured the best time to answer my prayer was in the morning just as I started to wake since that would normally be the best time to remember my dreams.

Well, the next morning nothing happened. That night I said the same prayer and reminded God that this was my second request. I don't think that I ever doubted that He would answer me. Well, the next morning still nothing. The third night I said the same prayer and tried to explain to God that I just really needed this information since I was supposed to teach about His Son that Sunday.

The next morning I awoke and sat up on the side of my bed. At that instant the whole bedroom was replaced by "Light". I cannot describe the light just as others cannot describe it. It was just awesome, all enveloping light that overwhelmed me by its brilliance. I was in the light but it was so brilliant I could not look at all of it. Then in my mind appeared the answer to my prayer. The words -JESUS IS THE FOUNTAIN HEAD- entered my mind. Not heard. Not thought. Not telepathy. Pure communication from ?? God or his angel I don't know. Mydictionary gave the definition of fountainhead as "The origional source from which a stream flows".

From that moment I have never doubted that Jesus is the Son of God and that He is a personal savior to all 9of us. I have never doubted that there is an afterlife nor have I ever doubted that God has a plan for each of us. In times of turmoil and strife I never worry to much because I KNOW.

I should have finished what happened. After I received the message the light was gone immediately. It has never happened since but, then it is not neccesary. I GOT the message. It changed me for the better more than anything that has ever happened to me before or since.

James Spencer

God Bless you James ... I appreciate so much your sharing !!! I know only too well from having described my own personal ASKING to some ... that it seems somehow PHENOMENAL ... and yet .... the KNOWING is INCREDIBLE ..... I shall forever be grateful for having been led on a path that led me to ASK ... and I ... like you ... shall NEVER have any DOUBT about the ANSWER !!!

Bless you ... and thank you Jesus ... for your most magnificent prize!

The Three Most Popular Answers To Prayer

  • NO ... not now

  • Yes ... I thought you'd never ASK

  • No ... I love you too much


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