experience: What is religion anyway? Religion to me could be just another way to keep many people in order. Why is there so many different religions? What then would be the true religion for all to believe in? To me religion is like a basic law to keep people in order.

People need something to believe in. If they do not have a basic set of rules or guidelines to live by then they feel lost or confused. They then, being in a state of confusion or non-belief, need some kind of structure to follow.

Jesus was a person who questioned peoples ways of beliefs. He questioned people with truth. He was one person that brought out the truth in what others thought was right. He spoke of things that people could not accept. People believed their religion to be right and thought they lived justly, but he opened up a new issue which people couldn't handle or accept, although they believed what someone else would tell them. He spoke of truth and compassion from the heart, yet people denied what was really right.

The question of religious experience could be anything depending on ones own stucture of belief, and how strong their faith is.


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