submitted by Steve Blake

experience: I was talking to a guy I just met in a bookshop. We happened to be talking about so called 'Spiritual things' when suddenly I heard a loud voice speaking to me from above. My mind and emotions were filled with a moment of what I suppose must be total freedom of tender love and compassion, and instantly, telepathically, I knew that it was Jesus who was speaking.

He told me that the man I was speaking to was called Mark and asked me to tell him that he was known and loved.

Jesus wanted to say more, but my mind filled with fear and doubt and all I could do was weep. I left the shop and spent an hour or so talking with Mark, but not about what had happened. To my shame I think Jesus' words had fallen on deaf ears...

before: I think that this particualar event did make me sad, because I did not respond in the way that I thought I was 'supposed' to.. I now think it was a valuable experience.


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