From: News Center Six
Organization: WRGB-TV6
Subject: My own experience with God.

In July 1994 my family and our friends rented a boat and sailed to the center of Lake Tahoe, CA.

I plunged into the lake, strongly pushing outward. For twenty seconds I suspended myself in the water, an icy, lucid, and unfathomable body.

I thought, "Were I to die, I would have reached a moment of clear self-awareness and intelligibility."

To have continued downward into those thousand gradations of blue would have been Heaven.

"SoCoOL" Bob
Thanks for your response to SoCoOL ... Sonoma County ONLINE and Your God Experience ...

Your experience reminds me very much of an experience my mother, now deceased, had many years ago. She was in a fire .... an apartment fire with firewalls .... which probably concentrated the heat and the smoke. She awoke with the apartment in flames, managed to get to the second story window, and while standing at the window, "knew" that she could take one more breath of smoke and just die ... or she could jump. So she jumped, almost as much for me and other people, as any desire to "necessarily" save her own life.


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