Is That You God ???

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I had included a joke in my prayer and suddenly felt cut off from God. I ate no lumch or supper, I could not sleep that night. I entered the church the next morn at 6:30AM. Angry by now, I marched right to the altar. Pounding on it, I demanded to know what kind of God had no sense of humor.

My language and behavior were ignored, and I heard God speak, "Yes Artur, I have a sense of humor - do you know any NEW jokes?" (This was from a God who pointed out later, the ONLY purpose of "free will," is to give up free will!)

SoCoOL Bob
I confess ... I really enjoyed this one. Not because it's a great joke ... but ... because I like the thought. I recall the first time reading the Old Testament cover to cover, that if God didn't have a sense of humor, at least He was certainly capable of demonstrating that "He was Only Human." My God has a sense of humor ... does yours? Besides, there are some "Great God Jokes," a couple of them that are particular favorites of mine.

Like the one about the guy who was leaning over the rim of the Grand Canyon, when he slipped and fell, tumbling head over heals, a mile straight down. Naturally, he began to pray.

"Help !!! Help !!! Oh God, please Help Me !!!"
Just then, his hand, which had been flailing helplessly, grabbed hold of a tree branch, and he was left suspended ... a half a mile up and a half a mile down.
"Oh, Thank You God ... Thank You for saving my life ... now what?"

It was then that he heard the unmistakeable voice of God, " Let Go Of The Branch."

Whereupon our hero was heard to exclaim, " Is there anybody else up there ???"

Dear Mr. Kennedy:

Thank you for your kindness. I glad you saw the humor in my "prayer-life." However. I fear you saw only the humor and not my reality. Twice, I have heard God speak out loud.

Once was as recorded. The second time I was driving along a busy road, A car sought to pass me so I SLOWED - to make room for this car. As he pulled to the right an eighteen-wheeler came the other way.

I whispered the words, "you were lucky, that you were passing someone like me - rather than someone like you."
Suddenly the vehicle was filled with laughter!
"Hey Artur, He said, THAT was a NEW one!"

Thanks again.

Always felt the church ought
be a "prophet-making" institution


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