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Subject: The End of Your Story

I'm curious. What happened after your son told you the story about how he was born? It's a very beautiful story and sounds just like the God that I know. Thanks for sharing it.

Byron Phillips

Thank you Byron for your response to SoCoOL ... Sonoma County ONLINE, and messiah.html.

My son is now 6'3 1/2" ... 17 years old, April 3. 1996. As you can imagine, he is very familiar with "his" "story" ... and how he was born, and there have been other incidents, throughout his life, that reinforced the message that "he has been told" about when he was two. Throughout our lives together ( I have raised him as a single parent for most of his 17 years ) ... I have always emphasized what we call "The Big Guy." "The Big Guy is the One who counts ... above all things. It is certainly impossible for me, not to be aware of the presence of God, in the world, and in the things I do, having experienced even that single communication.

For me, there have certainly been others. I do not claim to somehow walk any closer to God than anyone else ... less I suspect than almost anyone who might be considered "devout." But ... I do walk with a constant awareness that God has had a profound role in my life ... and will continue to have, hopefully, even after I die. It is that God who makes all this possible. It is God who will make it possible, if I ASK, to navigate this life in a way consistent with the overall goal.

The End Of Our Story .... not yet ... God isn't finished with us yet. Work In Progress Under Construction


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