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Subject: spiratual hairball

The web as a manifestation of great thinking as referenced by some of our great spiratual leaders.....or somthing to that effect. AHA .... A CHANCE TO SHARE ONCE AGAIN ... MY OWN PERSONAL IMPRESSION UPON FIRST ENCOUNTERING THE WORLD WIDE WEB ..

The INTERNET is a physical manifestation of a principle many great philosophers, theologians, seers, sooth sayers ... and Mayonaisse Jars ... have spoken of since time ....

It physically connects EACH to EVERY ONE ... we can communicate along these paths in groups or one on one. Like many other spiritually motivated manifestations it may be used in many ways ... BUT IT IS ... and ... I suspect those that are spiritually motivated will maximize their awareness by being connected to the Web.

Well, Bob you asked for feedback on your site and it comes in two parts. First, the beauty. You know, prob. better than I, the potential of the web to suck people in. Aside from physical travel, web wandering is one the best ways to tap into the minds and creativity of people around the world. I can't tell you how many saturday's i arrived at the office to get X work done and ended up spending upwards of six hours randomly cruising from one site to the next...some of my life passions (blues being one) have been really enhanced by the ability to get net info and becoming part of a virtual community of interest. Your site is a great starting point as any for this kind of wandering. There are literally hundereds of participants, links, subjects, opinions, etc. to get you started. It is obviously the home to significant talent too.

The psychological attraction of the Web is fascinating. I suspect you recall the Skinner Box ... where the thesis of irregular enforcement was first demonstrated on the mighty rat. When fed "irregularly" ... sometimes food, sometimes not ... the behavior got the greatest reinforcement.

Every opportunity to click on a link ... to search for a word ... is the opportunity to satisfy one of our goals, and the potential for satisfaction is relatively immediate. I believe we can become more skilled ... and we are ... at pursuing every kind of impulse ... creative ... intellectual ... spiritual ... physical ... etc. etc. by virtue of our connection to this unique tool.

Part two. Bob, I am a marketer by profession. I am in the business of anticipating peoples needs and understanding the hot buttons that need to be pushed to get them to take a desired action -- buy, inquire or just raise their hand. To that end, I place an enormous amount of value on home page UIs and a level of clarity that immediatly tells the site visitor what is there and how to get to it quickly. You could think about this more with regard to the home page. This is pretty random feedback and I hope it makes sense to you. I often get clobbered for being too frank...just the way I am. If any of my comments are offensive, just delete this whole thing and pretend you never asked. The bottom line is that for my purposes (exploration) your site is wonderful and has brought me lots of fun and enjoyment. If you have a business objective, you might want to rethink how people should navigate off the home page.



Alas, the truth I suspect is that the nature of the growth of SoCoOL ... Sonoma County ONLINE ... has predefined the way it would go. We just underwent a major re-organization ... so SoCoOL is a great deal easier to navigate than before. The key to this particular home page is ... of course ... its graphics. That is a "hook" we believe cannot be overlooked if we want to "impress" our visitor with the nature and quality of our content. The key to quick navigation ... once the load time ... and the absolutely gorgeous icons reveal themselves ... is the txtindex.html and the reference to it at the bottom of the page. This will quickly take you almost anywhere you want to go ... even to Norton Buffalo.

The various subject matters come from each of our experiences ... but ... they grow based on the "involvement" ... "the reaction" ... from our visitors. It takes more energy to create what SoCoOL will ultimately be, than either of us could contain. It is the energy supplied by our visitors that has combined to create SoCoOL as it is today.

I, too, as you may have noticed from my resume, have enjoyed a significant amount of time engaged in "marketing." I confess, my skinner box, has always been being creative within new applications of the "age old principles" of salesmanship, marketing, advertising, and the like.

This phenomenon is a GREAT DEAL different than the phenomenon I witnessed when I first went on "public access" television in 1976. That was an INSTANT DRAMATIC SUCCESS. BANG !!! YOU WIN !!! THAT was based on the phenomenon that the arena was only occupied by 6 or 7 television signals ... and I had one of them. Now there are as many channels as there are stars ... points of light ... people. Just getting on is not the key. Just making an impression is not even the key. What is the key is what I use to call the TWELFTH PRINCIPLE of ADVERTISING. If your ad can create an INTERACTION with YOUR PROSPECT ... YOU WIN !!! IF YOUR PRODUCT DOES AT ALL. The interaction is the thing ... the marketing is a function of all kinds of other little triggers including supply and demand.

We compare SoCoOL to both a color multi-media magazine ... and a television station. For now ... we're building little pockets of INTEREST ... one at a time ... and then perfecting and developing the communication that takes place when we do. We're feeling our way ... but we're feeling it based on real principles of POSITIVE INTERACTION. We're making friends.

p.s. i am not the former sysop

p.p.s. it was not until after my earlier email that I checked out your bio and see that you have many more years on this earth than me. I hope i didn't offend you with my vice reference. I have got to learn to keep a lid on it.

p.p.p.s the wired rally has been postponed to thursday. i will tell you how it goes.


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