Submitted by Mark Streuli ( on Tue Dec 12 14:14:48 PST 1995

My personal religious experience came about in my search for God.

My life had been a wreck for a long time; drugs, alcohol, etc. In addition, I was empty inside. All I felt was shame and guilt and emptiness. I had come to a point where I was hopeless.

From my jail cell, I told my friend ALL of my life story; ommitting nothing. I did this because I needed to find God and my friend said this worked. He was right! Being free from all those secrets opened my heart and let God in. I looked for him.... and he was there.

It was a feeling that is difficult to put in to words; warm and great, and beautiful.

My life has been better ever since, OH, I've faced difficult times....but not alone.

Was your family religious?

Not really. We were "Presbyterians",and my folks always wrote the annual check to the church. But we never talked about it much at home. It wasn't that important.

Are you Religious now? Well, I'm not exactly sure what that means. I do believe in Jesus. Occasionally, church (non-denominational) is nice, but I concentrate on my daily, personal relationship with God, whom I don't neccesarily understand, but definitely trust. In addition, I frequently work with folks who are searching for God also. This is a bright spot in my life.

What impact has your experience had on you?

It turned it inside out! And for me, that's a good thing. I could tell you about all the material successes and so on....., but that wouldn't do my relationship with God justice. Today, know matter what, I always have hope. I am free inside. That's a freedom I never knew.

What were your feelings before this experience?

Lost, scared, lonely, anxious, depressed...yes, all of the above.


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