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From: Vijay.Pai@Eng.Sun (Vijay Pai)
To: rkennedy@wco.com
Subject: God URLs

Hare Krishna Home Page (International Society for Krishna Consciousness)
Hare Krishna Temple of Houston
Hare Krishna in Sweden (Swedish language home page)

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I CONFESS .... Vijay is a name that I have always been PARTICULARLY fond of. One Vijay that I particularly enjoy, is Vijay Singh, the golfer. A marvelous name .... usually denoting a person with that remarkable sort of individual/Indian sort of Marvelousness.

Why, thanks.

Can you tell me more about the name Vijay ????

The name "Vijay" is how it's commonly written these days; most Americans prononounce it like the letters "V.J." [that's how I tell most of my co-workers]; it's from the Sanskrit vijaya (the first "i" is pronounced like the "i" in "in"; the "a"s are both pronounced like the leading "a" in "adulterate"). The "vi" prefix means special, in a category by itself, etc; "jaya" means victory or success; so "Vijay" means very excellent victory, which is why you might associate it with marvelousness.

and Pai ???

This one doesn't have quite the noble heritage of my firstname. In India, the unit of currency is a rupee (right now, 32 Rs=1 $). A rupee is split into 100 "paisa", and the traditional singular of "paisa" is "pai" (nowadays, the singular is "pice"). Probably members of our clan many generations back were village treasurers or something like that.
If I had sent to you from my other email, you would have seen my middle name "Sadananda", which, as long as I'm writing, I'll let you know that it means "always happy".

As long as we're on the subject, do you know what your names mean?

-- Vijay

To me ... the Kennedy name has always been associated with The Kennedy's ... .John F. and Robert .... I strongly associated with the words of both ... admired the courage of both ... and, of course, moaned when "I" thought Robert didn't show courage ... and suffered worse when they both died. Almost the death of "naive" Bob.

I'm thinking of changing it to Vijay .... wouldn't hurt for a Kennedy to have an "excellent victory" ...
We could all use a little VJ
Would be O.K. to have a Special Victory With Money ... even if in small amounts BUT ... I like that Sadananda ... ALWAYS HAPPY ... now there's something in that. A worthwhile goal !!!

I won't ask you any more "personal questions" .... but let you know that we would be happy to hear more of Vijay Sadananda Pai ??? We have the href's to your "site" .... feel free to tell us more of the details of your life ... about your server .... your "religion" ... the places and people where you live. We Welcome You To
Sonoma County ONLINE !!! That's SoCoOL !!!

P.S. Interesting that I should receive your EMail at a time when I "needed" to work on SoCoOL's Mail. I hope you won't mind our publicizing our little exchange. A very important part of Sonoma County ONLINE is to encourage just this kind of EMail exchange. We are of course anxious to have as many people as possible visit our pages ... but we most would like them to visit each and every page on the World Wide Web ... with the notion that they're there ... at least part of the time ... to communicate ... not just with US ... but with each other. It's one of SoCoOL's Sacred Cows ???

YOU MAY SEE THIS EMAIL UP AT at ANY MOMENT ... I'VE got this picture from spiritnet that I'm just living to publish ... and if I can make it work with this text .... WHY NOT ???

If you haven't been to http://spirit.satelnet.org/Spirit/Images/List.html ... you might want to go now.

Remember that a person's name, is to them, the sweetest sound in any language.


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