From: (Ellen Wennberg)
Subject: God/spiritual Experience

I have not been able to get through to your adress.This is partly a test - if it works,I`ll write my story. Ellen.


IT WORKS !!!! We're looking forward to it.
OK. Here is the story..20 years ago

Lying on the bed in a room, fully awake,lights on.

A general openness that life is more than what it seems...but without former experiences or religious background. No consciuos desire in that direction.

The door opens slowly, but instead of somebody entering, there is some kind of grey fog eventually filling the room, and everything is darkening. In the darkness there is increasing heat (not painful) and a deep vibrating sound. At this point I realize that I am without a body , there is no fear only curiosity. I remember my thought was " can this be an allegory of purgatory..?" Then there was nothing. No ego thinking, only an awareness of existance ... timeless and total.

In this space was only particles, light and dark, moving constantly (dancing, like on a TV-screen, but more dense ) Somehow these particles separated into dark and light, then my consciousness(?) followed the dark and "I" had a feeling of slowly sinking. Ego-consciousness was now returning and I sensed sinking about 3-4 minutes before I started to think "Is this dangerous?" There I "stopped" and tried to get in contact with my body. It was almost impossible, but for my little finger.Moving that one and zap! I was back into lying on a bed, but only half of my body was in place! To get the leftside part back from the position beneath the mattress was really another effort. So far so good. Then I registered that I did not breathe neither could I notice any heartbeat. A little panic occured when I found it was painful and difficult to start breathing again, but succeeded at last, was able to see again (don't think I ever closed my eyes !) and registered that "nothing" had happened ...

The effect was manifest; Fear of death as extinction disappeared. A profound respect for the mystery of creation grew, and more and more. I found guidiance on several levels towards a "goal still unknown"..

Thank you for your attention.
May it help others that feel alien to the "accepted religious forms"


SoCoOL Bob

Thank you Ellen for sharing your experience. I'm sure there will be many travelling with you into that space you describe so well. Leaving your body. Going to another place where YOU still ARE. Perhaps it would be a good idea to learn more about this place .... and yet it seems YOU do. Don't know for sure where you're going ? Have you ASKED ? Bless you for it seems you have been given MUCH already.

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