The Experiences of Others

From: colin kawakami
Organization: sameness
Subject: (no subject)

In 1991 I was nineteen years old in Ventura CA. Two months before I was leaving to go to school in New York I went camping with nine of my friends in a beach inlet between Santa Barbara and Ventura.

We stayed up very late that night after running around outside and generally having a good time, then all sacked out in sleeping bags in random sights around the campsight. I dreamed:

That I walked up the valley behind me up to the top of the rim and looked down on a sea of naked people who greeted in unison, not a one who's voice was more than a normal speaking volume, but together was the loudest and most beautiful thing that I ever heard.

I waved back at them, turned to my right to see a man next to me.

We stood without speaking for hours, then just as I was going to ask a question he spoke:

"You know Colin, people live waiting for their lives to get better. But life never gets any better... it's YOU that gets better."

and then I woke up and had eggs and chorizo with my buddies.

I have never before and never after had a dream so vivid.