Last Updated 5/10/97
It's true .... just about 3 months after becoming "homeless," SoCoOL Bob and SoCoOL Jon have finally reorganized to the point that SoCoOL Bob moves into his new ... home/office .... TODAY ... March 19, 1997.

Thanks to everyone for your support !!! Oh .. the golf shot .... well, it's true ... my new spot is just as I had set the goal, two story house on the golf course !!! I now rent the bottom floor with some lovely roommates at 630 Hudis, on the 17th green ... at Mountain Shadows North .... see you there !!! ( The background is from a screen saver of classic Fantasy Golf Holes. I believe these classic Golf Holes were originally printed in Golf Magazine.)
Here's a different golf golf scenes screen saver you can download for FREE !!!

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