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So, maybe you'd like to report on HARD TIMES ... YOURS ... or maybe you're the Good Samaritan who is blessed with pure resources and an ability to give ... if nothing else ... GOOD ADVICE. Somewhere it says we can learn from each other's experiences ???

I chose the picture of the services for the Presidential Inauguration, not just because of the Inauguration services themselves, but because of Jessie Jackson. I saw him on Larry King, which I watch fairly regularly, when he appeared to participate in a conversation about the tragic death of Bill Cosby's son.

I was so pleased and impressed by his words, especially with the words leading up to and including his most famous ... Keep Hope Alive !!! Those words have so much additional impact, when you're feeling the pain of your own Hard Times. Sometimes, the solution to whatever it is that's effecting you at that moment, just doesn't appear to be at hand. It is then, just like in the good times, that we need and can most benefit from remembering that, indeed, faith IS the substance of things unseen, and Keep That Hope Alive!!!

But there are others, significant others. When you're a Web Publisher some of those others come from this strange new world you've been exploring .... and here's some.

This is a newsletter I subscribe to, and pay close attention to, because Rob Zee,
it's moderator, has demonstrated over and over again ... he's a real person .. 
because he publishes a lot of good material about sales and marketing and the 
internet ... because he has an excellent group of folks who regularly post to his 
newsletter ... and he deserves it.

Date:          Sun, 29 Dec 1996 14:00:57 -0800

From:          "IMAGE"  
Subject:       Newsletter & Readers Forum

   HOLIDAY EDITION . . .   Best Wishes for a Prosperous New Year!
   IMAGE Newsletter      N961230                December 30, 1996
   IMAGE ... Internet Marketing Association of Global Enterprises
 This New Year's Edition of the Newsletter is being sent early and
 is combined with the Reader's Forum.
I will be gone for several days at the end of this week or early
next week to be with my brother and sisters at mother's funeral.
My mom died this Sunday morning.
Newsletter and Reader's Forums will return to normal schedule in
the next week or so.
 Articles . . .

                AFTER A WHILE, IT WON'T SEEM SO BAD.
                     --Robertas Ofats Zukauskas
                    (Jun 7, 1914 - Dec 20, 1991)
                        Robert Zee's father
                             by Rob Zee
 I want to share some thoughts with you about success and failure.
 Or about "keeping on keeping on" and quitting. These are profound
 to me, especially now...
     Only two hours ago I received a phone call with the news of
     my mother's death this morning. I had planned to spend a few
     days this week visiting mom in the hospital or hospice. The
     doctors said that she only had a few weeks. I am sad that I
     didn't get to be with her again; I am happy that she is no
     longer suffering.
When I was 10 years old, whilst drinking coffee with mom, in the
kitchen, I showed her an ad about a seed company that would let
young people sell seeds to make money. I was seeking her advice,
wondering if I could make any money. Mom told me, "You can, if
you WANT to."

SoCoOL Bob
I remember these ads and similar conversations with my mom ... they 
were very much a part, for better or worse, of how I became a 
"salesperson."  I have continued to think of them this year as I have 
attempted to duplicate a part of that feeling for the SoCoOL Yo-Yo's.
About this time of year, five years ago, my dad died. Then, as
now, sadness and events made me feel like giving up. The "thought"
above, by my dad, is included because it has helped me and I hope
it may help you, too.

It seems to me that failure occurs when folks give up -- either
because success didn't happen quick enough or because it appears
to be too difficult to make it. Of course, success doesn't come
just by waiting around for it to happen, but if one gives up,
then success can never be had.
It is easy to "keep on keeping on" when things are going your
way, when you're making money, and there are no problems. But "no
good thing comes easy."
In your business, there are probably some things you need to do
differently: some things you've done wrong, and some things
you've done right. If you don't quit, you haven't failed. You can
and will succeed if you do more of the right things and correct
the things that are wrong. "By the inch it's a cinch..." it will
work if you give it a chance.
Remember what mom said: "You can, if you WANT to."

SoCoOL Bob
On the way home from Southern California this Christmas, I spent some 
quality time with Tony Robbins Personal Power I tapes.  I 
particularly enjoyed a part of his recommendation for success .... 
Try this .... if this doesn't work ... try something else ... it that 
doesn't work .... I've got a good idea .... TRY SOMETHING ELSE !!!
But ... above all .... the ONLY WAY TO FAIL .... is to QUIT !!!
To read another interesting story about success and quitting, see
our web page "After Dark" and choose the item
"Selected Writings by Robert Service" -- "The Quitter."
Make it your "New Year's Resolution" to "keep on keeping on," to
not quit, and to do what you can to make things better -- a little
each day.

Take some time now to reflect on your accomplishments this year.
Examine your web site and see how you can improve it so that it
is more professional looking, offers more helpful information, is
easier to use, and promotes your business. Does your marketing on
the Internet answer the buyer's needs, wants, desires, and their
question "Why should they buy from you?"
 * Folks who fail in business always make excuses and blame it
   on everthing else but themselves: the media, the web, the
   buyers, the economy, etc., etc.

 * Folks who succeed take most of the credit [and profit] for
   their hard work and continued effort

  * Call or write your mom and send her some flowers
SoCoOL Bob
God Bless You Rob !!!
For your courage .... for your Wisdom .... and for your MOM !!!

There truly are few like you .... and we need more !!!
My own mom passed away ... two or three years ago ... this New Years 
... who's counting ....
I was fortunate enough to visit her just before she went and shared 
another one of those marvelous moments that teaches so much ...

She was withered away and sick .... being finished off by whatever 
was going on in her body ..... and drugged into Nirvana .... 
She slept most of the time, awakening only occasionally to ask her 
husband to clean this or that spot off the kitchen cabinets etc.

I was fortunate enough to walk into her room, the evening before she 
died, while noone else was there, and to participate in the following 

"I guess this is my last Hurrah," she said.
" Yes, Mom, I guess so."
" I just wanted to do something to inspire you," she said.
To which I replied, with tears in my eyes, " You Done Good !!!"

It would be the last we would speak, or need to.  I hope you can 
enjoy the benefits of my last encounter, and what I said to my 
son Jon.

There is no way Mom will ever leave us ... no way.   Of all her 
qualities, the one that stands out the most is her TOTAL love for her 
son Bob, and for everything connected to him.

From time to time, I believe, she visits us still, and just lately, I 
believe she returned to say, she had made a new breakthrough she had 
never been able to make here on earth.  Good for you Mom .... and 
thanks .... so much .... for caring !!!!

In the very near future I'll be writing some of my own thoughts about 
this unique Christmas, about the Web and other things, and will, of 
course, include you first, in my list of announcements.

I for one, am so very glad that you are there !!!  

To:               SoCooLBob@Yahoo.Com
From:             KISSWARE Works! 
Subject:          Re: Newsletter & Readers Forum


Whilst re-reading some of my e-mail, I read yours again (reprinted at
bottom so you know which one).

We've had many e-mail visitations. Often I think of you and consider you a
good friend. Not just because we are like-minded or share some similar
viewpoints, but also because you and me have taken the time to visit and
get to know one another via e-mail.

The past few months have be tough and sometimes I've been in a fog. Also,
my company has had lots of new customers and it all keeps me very busy. And
I forget to do everything, sometimes.

I want to thank you for your special e-mail during my time of stress. It's
been two weeks since mom was buried. I still get "flaky" now and then, but
I stay busy enough to not dwell on it. Sometimes, I think to myself, "See,
Mom, I'm doing cool stuff -- making money and helping people -- it's that
NEAT!" But I still miss mom.

Anyway, I remember that I asked about getting one of your super-cool
YO-YO's. And I want one! Mom used to marvel at my ability to do cool stuff
with a YO-YO. I want the best you got! If you need to, you can call me toll
free at 1-888-KWW-iway and I can give you my credit card number. 

Maybe we can even get something going and I can get some sales for you. I
forget how you mentioned this worked, but I'm game.

I'm out of practive, but can wait to "walk the dog," go "around the world,"
and do other "sleeper tricks" with the yo-yo. 

Also, I kind of miss marbles, too. I used to be good and take a lot of the
"cat-eyes" when I was a "pup."

Best wishes,

Your friend,
Rob Zee

SoCoOL Bob

There are all kinds of interactions possible on the INTERNET. There's a lot
of people "out here."  I prefer the human being ness to the business ... but
we can do both. I believe that the quality of the business improves, as the
people do.

Here's a portion of an EMail Conversation I had with the Val Krantz, The
Top Prize Winner in the 1996 US National Yo-Yo Championships, a yo-yoinstructor, a yo-yo constructor, one of SoCoOL's suppliers, and a very 
nice lady !!!

> I do think of you and wonder how you are doing. 

I wish I could tell you just how SoCoOL it is to read your words and 
your thoughts ... it's either me ... or the world we live in ... but 
there just do not seem to be enough genuine, caring really SoCoOL 
people in the world.  

I suppose I'm just learning to write ... about Hard Times ... it just 
isn't naturally my way ... or the place I usually think about or 
choose to be .... and so many people don't react well .... 

Gosh ... if this is the thing that I can learn ... and improve on ... 
I just might be willing to pay the price :)
> << Truth is I'm actually a millionaire ... and I'm just testing :)

> Wouldn't that be interesting.  It sounds like you are remaining positive.  I
> have always been taught the power of positive thinking and believe it
> entirely...have seen so many successes due entirely to such
> things...particularly with my dad, even in times of trouble....but it is much
> easier to believe and do these things when things are going well than when
> they are not and I am still learning that.  I admire your continued efforts
> to pull out of this.

I appreciate that so very much ... and agree one hundred percent so 
far as positive thinking is concerned ... the most positive thing I 
notice about myself ... most of the time ... is that at least I'm 
reacting better to this predicament than I may have in the past ... 
reacting quicker ... faster .... better I hope.

I "confess" ... I'm not totally happy with the notion that I can't 
seem to be just happy, successful, achieving ... positive all the 
time ... my typical comment when someone says ... you can't win them 
all .. is why not ???  Kind of like that other Bobby Kennedy.

As I continue writing about HARD TIMES ... I will be including people 
and comments like yours and others ... whose "comments" have that 
extra importance .. cause they're probably really "needed."

Like I said .. if I can learn this lesson just a little better ... it 
might even be worth it ...

Oh ... by the way ... if you could get a kick out of the Bizarre ... take a look at SoCoOL Bob's first act of homelessness. It's true !!! I wouldn't make it up !!!

How about YOUR experience of Hard Times, now or in the past.
Chances are that there are some special thoughts that you want or need to share.

Reply EMail ... Subject: Hard Times

Some people try and make a joke our of being "Broke and Brilliant."

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