The Amboy Dukes
Rogue's Gallery

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Nemo ... God ...
God/President of the Amboy Dukes

Bob Kennedy is the God of the Amboy Dukes ... has been since before Time began. Having served as President during at least two terms of those High School Years, Bob has been serving as the Amboy Dukes Perpetual President since 1963. The function for which he remains most infamous is his role as the Leader of the Amboy Duke "Meeting." All those in favor say "AUGA !!!" Those opposed? "NAUGA !!!" Nobody abstains. That would be Aug-seen.

Here's A Little More About SoCô¿ôL Bob

Swabby ... Vice God/Vice President ... God of Vice and Corruption

Probably the most successful of the Dukes, outside of Dukedom, of course. Dan Perry has served most of his professional career in the political arena of Washington, D.C. Talk about corruption. Dan left a journalism career to serve for many years as Special Assistant to Alan Cranston, and now heads the Alliance For Aging Research .... way more important than the Society for the Subgenius.

We'd tell you more about how Dan got his name as God of Vice and Corruption, but Carole, his wife, and childhood sweetheart might be listening ....

" Oh, Posh !"

Oh ... and we did change Dan's Picture. He's A Grandpa !!!

Peanuts ... Grand Keeper of the Archives ... Official Historian of the Amboy Dukes

It is Bob Templin who is most responsible for bringing the Amboy Dukes back together after 27 years. The Amboy Duke Re-Union Bob promoted has been a regular ritual for a great many of the last 20 YEARS ??? Could it possibly have been that long? Bob maintains the Duke scrapbook(s) ... Everything ever recorded about The Amboy Dukes, except when part of it was lost in a fire, and, of course, before cameras and all ... and now serves proudly as our Grand Wizard And Chief Historian.

Dave Planting ... Official Secretary ... Keeper of the Minutes ...

Dave has been doing the minutes of our meetings, it would seem, since the moment the Dukes began. Dave now lives in Los Altos, California, with his wife Linda. His early experience as an Amboy Duke has stood him well in his professional career. Both Dave and Linda are headhunters.

Priz, Official Archbishop, Seer, Sage ... Keeper of the Word ... High Priest and Treasurer of the Amboy Dukes

Jim Risdon looks and sounds exactly the same as he did when we were all in high school. I can understand how he became our High Priest, responsible for maintaining an old shopworn copy of the original Irving Shulman book ( The Amboy Dukes) and giving the convocational (sacred, hallowed, auga, etc.) readings that open and close each of our meetings. He loves to read dirty books. But, I still don't understand how he got to be Treasurer.

Sarge, Sargent-At-Arms

Mark Grimstvedt became Sargent-At-Arms because of his general reputation for being a pain-in-the-a--, and, like all the Dukes, has blossomed in his appointed role. Mark sells Weber Barbecue's and is the main man you would want to have at any barbecue. Maybe we can get Mark to do some selling on the World Wide Web.

Donnie, Shrimp, Chief of Injustice

Donnie Robertson owns a large plumbing supply business in San Francisco, Ca., and is primarily known among the Dukes, for the abuse he has taken from each of us .... hence ... a belated appointment as Chief of Injustice.

Gerg Gnutrag, Gimp ... Potential Mayor of the Town of Amboy ... if we ever buy it !

Greg Gartung left his occupation as auto dealer to go into Real Estate ... where he now manages financial transactions in the Mortgage industry. Greg is mostly known, as are all the Dukes, for his ability to get things done .... and for downing incredible quantities of Tequila. You're Right Bob !!!!

Thor ...

Pete Thoureen's major contribution is to serve as watchkeeper of the DUES ... TOO MUCH!!! has been his perennial cry. In his past, he managed slot operations at various places, including the ExCalibur in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bruce, Mash Potatoes, LocoMotion

Son of a "cop." Bruce Sellers has always been most famous for his driving. We won't be telling any stories of the Duke's driving in those days ... it's not done that way anymore. Bruce is also most famous for his ability to make a contribution in the kitchen including the morning after Bloody Mary's. For 47 years, Bruce has made every motion to adjourn at our Amboy Duke Meetings ....

This Meeting is Adjourned !!!

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