The Story of the Amboy Dukes Did Not Begin Today

The Story of the Amboy Dukes Didn't Begin Today

Brief History of the Amboy Dukes

The "Original" Amboy Dukes were a creation of Irving Shulman ... stay tuned for articles and references to this work, other works and the literary style known as the "Irving."

In the early 1960's, a small group of high school "misfits" banded together to form the living version of this fictional literary "gang."

Begun as one, then two, the Dukes decided to formalize their "gang" under the auspices of the Young Men's Christian Association. In order to do so there would need to be a minimum of seven members.

And then there were seven. Over the years the Amboy Dukes grew in size to as many as sixteen and as few as ... well ... you can never quite tell. Once a Duke always a Duke would seem to be the battle cry of ... at least 11, and a twelfth, now deceased.

Perhaps the exact number will be a topic of new business at our next meeting.

This small band of misfits quickly became, and remain today, one of the most powerful group of young, now older men, in association with their female counterparts, the Amboy Duchesses, ever known on this or any other planet.

Well, maybe not the most powerful ô¿~.

Stay tuned for constant updates ... are you ready for ...

The Amboy Dukes

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