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Bob Kennedy is the independent producer of SoCô¿ôL.Com since May 22, 1995

Content, description, etc. are the sole responsibility of Robert Kennedy Productions

and are highly Interactive. We don’t collect email addresses, we don’t sell email

addresses, we do publish ‘stuff,’ we do make offers to sell and/or give stuff away
Be careful what you say. Your email, your posting, your picture or your words
could show up on television and/or on the internet Around The World.


Bob Kennedy is also an independent television producer
who has produced for television in various forms and now produces
Primarily Positive Internet Television  

Wanna push SoCô¿ôL Bob's button and gather some of SoCô¿ôL's
most significant information, just ask him about the past, present and future of communications as he's observed and participated with them in his life time.

When we produce SoCô¿ôL.Com, SoCô¿ôL TV and/or other things, we are   

primarily motivated by and following a relatively simple set of rules


1) We roll tape.  When we cover an event, an individual, a group ..   whatever ... we try our best to roll tape.  You can't use it if you  don't get it on tape.  


2) While rolling tape we try our best to gather as much 'positive' footage as possible. We ask, if we need to, that others who might be participating on camera recognize that the cameras are rolling,  that our primary motivation is to broadcast them, the best one's, the most positive ones. This is our intention ... this is our motivation, but there are NO GUARANTEES. If you were the horse in The Grape Festival Parade in, YOU may not have thought that what we showed was so positive. We did ô¿~   We don’t chase accidents or do murders and things and would prefer, unless you’re a horse, that you don’t have one in front of us. If you do, we’ll probably ‘cut’ it or save it for ‘outtakes’ ¤¿¤ 


We do ASK that if you invite us we be allowed to roll tape and exercise the appropriate choices about when and where and how  to  broadcast it.

If that's not appropriate make sure you let us know well in advance, and/or

... don't invite us  ô¿~  


By the way, when asked, we recommend that participants ...   

       1) Recognize the cameras are rolling and are there to ‘appreciate’ them.  

       2) Do their best.  

       3) Do as many things you think are right as you can.

       4) Consider the audience.  


Advanced Rules:  


1)       The cameras takes both picture and sound. When rolling they may or may not be rolling on both. If you don't say it or do it ... we  won't show it.   


      2)    If you pause for 3 seconds or more that's more than enough time for an editor, in this case, someone looking for positive 

             footage ... to BEGIN.  For those who play 'Craps' it's kind of like placing a bet on the 'Come' line ... every second, certainly          every 3  seconds, is an opportunity for a new beginning, a chance to say or do something so positive that the camera and the editor can't miss it. For those of you with a more spiritual origin ... it's like being reborn  ¤¿¤  




Since sometime in the year 2000, Bob Kennedy and Sean Bressie have produced several episodes of Just Say Yô¿ô !!! … a series of yo-yo event videos Including a four camera production of The US National Yo-Yo Contest.  Episodes of Santa Rosa LiVE have included coverage of: The Sonoma County Rose Parade, The Sonoma-Marin Fair, including The Amateur Talent Show, Destruction Derby and who can forget the Ugly Dog Contest, The Sonoma County Hot Air Balloon Festival, The Kenwood Pillow Fights, Fourth of July, The Sonoma County Fair, Kaisha Wright as Tina Turner, The Vintage Grape Festival, COWS of Sonoma County, The Gravenstein Apple Fair, The Clueless Comedy Club, Comedy from the Sweet River, Christmas in Sonoma County, TOYS for Kids, The Old Time Fiddlers Contest, First Night, Redwood Chordsmen, San Francisco Gay Mens Choir, Santa Rosa Memorial Day Ceremonies, The Health & Harmony Festival, Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Monte Rio Fourth's of July, Butter and Egg Days, Sebastopol Apple Blossom Festival, Parade and 100 Year Centennial, The Duncan Mills Civil War Re-Enactment, The Snoopy World Senior Ice Hockey Tournament, The Vagina Project, The Charles Schulz Museum, Lite The Nite, The Wine Country Criterium, The Northern California Extreme Outhouse Races, Shots for Tots, The Wave Regional Convention and Awards, The Pumpkin Patch, Powder Puff Persuasion Discussions, Positive Coaching, Martin Luther King Festivites and Speeches, Girls Championship Soccer, The Christmas Crafts Faire, Blues Divas, The Rick Barry Fantasy Basketball Camp, 100th Monkey, MOCA "Andy Warhol" Birthday Party, AG DAY, The Trucks Stop Here, Downtown Market, The Underhand Free Throw Contest, Peggy Sue All American Parade and others.

Several of these half hour and hour shows have been submitted to The US Hometown Video Awards and to the Western Regional WAVE Awards. None of them ever won anything, but they were submitted ô¿~ 

Performing artists featured include, but are not limited to: Norton Buffalo and The Knockouts, Michael Bolivar, Mumbo Gumbo, Blue Blazes, Muddy Rivers, Gator Beat, Wake The Dead, Kaisha Wright As Tina Turner, Elvis Presley, Elvis Presley, Elvis Presley, Sally Taylor, The Coasters, The Drifters, Lee Ann Womack, Jeff Tyler Band, The Axis Dance Company, Mayama, Allison Binkley, Michael Pritchard, Redwood Chordsmen, Finale, Ricochet, Sound Committee, Southern Belle, The Man In The Street, The Secret Man, Santa Claus, Buzzy Martin, Brent Farris, Jim Grady, Jesus Christ, Poyntlyss Sistars, Frankie Moreno, J. Eric Cook, Taj Majal, Pride and Joy, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Robert M. Kennedy, Sr., Jon Edward Kennedy I, The Beach Boys, Eddie Money, Elvin Bishop, a poster of Bill Clinton / George Bush ô¿~, Tower of Power, Charo, Rick Barry, The Real Patch Adams, Brino The World Peace Clown, Andy Warhol, a '57 Ford, SoCô¿ôL Bob and Sean, whomever we left out and others.

                                    Producer Bob Kennedy

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