Current Craig's List - 'YouTube Your Event'

"Streaming Media" And Other Powerful Tools Have Changed The Entire Landscape Of Internet Marketing.
"The internet will overtake traditional television to become the most consumed form of media in 2010 ..."
"... the conclusion of a new report from Microsoft ..."

    New Video Frontiers

    "With cheap storage, multicore processors, home networking, and pervasive bandwidth, technology is no longer the primary roadblock. In essence, getting content to multiple screens is no longer the problem at all; the problem is the creation of a unified, seamless consumer experience. Such a unified experience requires a complex evolution of business and advertising models, interoperability, and user interfaces-a more complex set of solutions than solving the technology roadblocks."


    “Site configuration/sharing/SEO: Too many times, the video section of a site is relegated to a single tab in the navigation bar, with perhaps a link or two on the left or right hand side. Video shouldn’t be relegated to a single channel; it should be incorporated throughout the site experience wherever it makes sense. It might require a partial site redesign, but the economics could very well justify it. Video also should always be easy to share, email or add to RSS. Finally, search is still king even for video, so SEO teams need to focus on driving users to relevant pages as they are for all other types of content. There has never been a better time for branded publishers to take advantage of their assets — content, loyal audiences, and sales teams — and create more online video opportunities. The ball is in their court!”

    What this ALL means to you is that if you have an idea, a product, a service,
    a positive goal that can be achieved by communication with others,
    you currently have the best opportunity in history to communicate it cost effectively.

    The SoCô¿ôL Network is constantly in touch with these new technologies and these many communities.
    NOW IS The TIME to take advantage of these tools.

Attract Attention ! Tell A Story ! Sell A Product Or Service ! Achieve A Positive Goal !

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