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The Best of News

Steve Forbes Announces For President On the INTERNET

We're The Amboy Dukes You've Heard So Much About

Is This The Future ... Or The Now ?
You Will Need Shockwave
... To See This Site

The Dancing Baby

First Of It's Kind in the SoCoOL World !!!

Sterba's Local Music Jukebox

Can You Believe ItOld Jim's Place Is So Full of SoCoOL Old Jim Won The Cowpie Twice ???




"The Yo-Yo Man"
The Mystical State Of YO

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The Macarena
As Featured On CNN

The Yo-Yo Island of Yotopia
As Featured On KTVU, Bay Area Channel 2

The "SoCoOL" Network
The "SoCoOL" Network Ads

The Cow Car

Welcome To Atlanta !!!
Site_Name: 1996 Olympics: Through the eyes of an Atlanta photographer, Reid Stott
The Web Walker's Report .... Christmas '95
Precious in HIS Sight - Internet Adoption Photolisting
Honorable Mention 24 Hours in Cyber Space
We prefer "onesie's" but this site has got a lot of GREAT ONES
It's All Your Fault !!!
Hiway 17 Page of Shame
The Enchanted Creek Art Gallery
The Catholic Church
The Doctor's Favorite Graphics Sites
SoCoOL Bob's Roller Coaster

Worthy of Consideration
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Worthy of Consideration III
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