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Christmas In July

Real All About It !!! Christmas 2001

SoCooL Santa's HOT LIST 2001

The SoCooL Christmas Pages have just a LOT of history. I did my best to try and celebrate "The Spirit Of Christmas" as often as possible. The web page was merely an expression of that practice on this new thing called a web page. Since that time, one can see I haven't spent a lot of time updating each and every web page. "The Spirit" of the page, however, has lasted, and improved. I now, though I don't create a web page for any of these days, celebrate Christmas EVERY MONTH ... on the 25th. Multiple repetitions of good things. One of these days, including today, I'll try and update the message a litte better ... SoCooL TV Current .. IN the meantime, check out the List of Web Pages Santa was kind enough to send us in 2001. I wonder how many of them are still "alive?"

This is a start:

Commercial or secondary links

Here Comes Santa Claus

Santa 1998

Mele Kalikimaka

Thanks to "The Doctor" for Animating Our New Christmas Lights

SoCooL Spends The Day With Santa Claus

My Favorite Christmas Page
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Santa's Soldiers ... and much, much more. Cowpie Award Winners Are Awesome

Christmas Midis
Way More
Christmas Celebrated Around The World
The City of Christmas
SoCooL Christmas Events
A "SoCooL" Christmas
A SoCooL Visit With Santa Claus
SoCooL Yo-Yos
A Brief History of Santa
Who Invented Christmas?
Santa's Naughty or Nice List
Santa's Site
Santa's Workshop
Santa's Workshop and Communication Page
Santa's Grotto
Santa's Missing
Here Comes Santa Claus ... the words
Dear Santa Letter Collection
Santa Tracking
Happy Holidays !!!

The TorchYo Night Before ChristmasThe Torch

The Web Walker's Report ... Christmas '95
Web Walker Update 1997
Christmas Eve in Brooklyn
Bikers Night Before Christmas
Star Trek Night Before Christmas
Technical Night Before Christmas
Aw Shucks ... Look At All The Night Before Christmas's
Heckler Explains A Christmas Traidtion

Is Christmas Obsolete ?

Is Santa Just For Kids?

" A Cool Christmas " .... It's Snoopy !!!

A Special Site Dedicated to Christmas Trees
A Virtual Christmas Tree
Lights !!!
A Tardis Christmas
Christmas Movies

A Christmas Carol
Christmas Midi Collection
Joy To The URL
Christmas Clip Art
Christmas 'Round the World(WideWeb)
Christmas Around the World
Christmas in Cyberspace
"Jesus" ... The True Meaning of Christmas
The Christmas Story
A Chrismas Celebration
The Story of Christ's Birth ... and
The True Meaning of Christmas
Wise Ones Present Their Gift In Time

A Ministry of Gospel Films, Inc.

Thanks To Darcy

Visit the Cyberspace Christmas Campaign
Santa's MH-2600 Cyber-Sleigh Prototype
Images of Christmas
Yahoo Gives ALL
Who's Cool? They're making a list ...

A Christmas Gift Xmas in July
Unique Christmas Gift
Christmas Survival Guide
Happy Holidays !!!

Christmas Spirit Links High Ridge, Connecticut
The Best Christmas Ever
Check Out The Christmas Bulletin Board
Awesome Site Cow Pie Award Winners


Here's Another Gift That Will Keep On Giving

Santa Speaks To The World

Kid's Place Christmas

Sidewalk Santa

SoCooL Pages Are Worth Waiting For
Putting God First

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Putting God First

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