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SoCô¿ôL ... Sterba ... Sonoma County Events CalendarSoCô¿ôL ... Sterba ... Sonoma County Events Calendar
Sonoma County Events Calendar
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Several Calendars In One
The SoCô¿ôL Yo-Yo And Other Things Events Calendar actually several calendars in one. The calendar pictured above is designed, like all of SoCô¿ôL to be HIGHLY INTERACTIVE. What that means is that anyone can post anything they want to this calendar. It also means that SoCô¿ôL visitors must be responsible. Simply click on the month in question and follow the instructions. Since SoCô¿ôL is interested in a great many people, places and subjects, the posting of any kind of event is encouraged. This could be a yo-yo event or contest, a meeting or get together of any kind, or it could be Just Say Yô¿ô ... YO'ER BIRTHDAY.

A WORD OF CAUTION .... It would be SoCô¿ôL if Yo Kept It Clean and Kept It Positive

You can access the current month directly by clicking on SoCô¿ôL Yo-Yo and Other Things Events Calendar here or above, or you can access any month directly by clicking on the month in question.

The Calendar listed at the bottom is the SoCô¿ôL / Sterba Local Events Calendar. It lists events occurring in Sonoma County. This is one of my favorite Events Calendar on all the World Wide Web ... because of it's Webmaster's committment to a worthwhile goal ... because of it's design ... and because of it's committment to serving others.

Some Special Instructions

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