Yo Gtta Lve It!!!

It's with great pleasure I write just a little bit by way of commending and recommending The Rick Barry Show

I have a whole bunch I'd like to say. Knowing me that would be way to long for almost anybody, so I'll do it in list form:

  • What a GREAT Basketball Player !!
    • I was in college, playing a little ball myself. O.K. So Rick was just a couple of years ahead of me. He was scoring 37 points a game. I was scoring 20+ in A League intermurals.
    • Those were a different kind of day for the Golden State Warriors. Not just the players and the way the game was played, but what it meant to be a fan. You wanted to see these guys play you went to the game. Once in a while you might catch a glimpse of a 'special game' on television.
    • Rick was a scorer alright. An INCREDIBLE Scorer. At times he might be called a gunner, 'cause he was. That was his job. That was his spirit. That was his role. On some nights, Rick could light them up from the outside. This big tall guy launching beautiful rainbow jumpers ... before they were ever worth 'three.'
    • But the amazing, the incredible, the revealing thing about Rick Barry's scoring, was he would score whether that shot was going in or not. Rick had an incredible talent, ability, drive to pick up 'garbage.' If he got the ball anywhere near the 'hole' you were in trouble. It was over. Nobody ever did better from somewhere near the whole .. at any speed, at any time. And Rick could get the ball from anywhere and take it to the whole.
    • Oh, by the way. He did LOTS of other things. But, the nights that he scored forty or more points without ever seeming to make a shot, were/are to this 'old man' ... legendary. While Rick was going to the hole he was getting fouled so whether the ball went in the hole or not, Rick was going to get two points. Rick almost NEVER missed a free throw. So, he manages to make just 10 shots all game ... 2 1/2 a quarter ... and he scores 40 points.
  • What A Refreshing, Spirited, Terrific Radio Show
    • Look. If you like sports. If you like listening to Sport Talk Radio that's cool. I enjoy listening to sports news, listening in sports personalities, listening to games, etc. It's certainly one of my entertainments of choice.
    • Some aspects of Sports Talk Radio, Sports News may be a little off kilter for what I would prefer ... but ... perhaps, if it didn't have the freedom to be a little off kilter, to talk about things that don't count, to provide an airwave for 'sport talk' and/or 'trash talk' and/or 'trash type' brains ... a little bit ... it wouldn't have the space for some really cool events and/or people who do some pretty interesting things.
    • This show is really High Class. This show has content. This show has high quality guests. This show has some intelligent, interogative, revealing questions that create a higher quality of 'information.'
    • I, for one, appreciate it !!! Keep Up The Good Work

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