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This page, like many others on SoCô¿ôL has not been dramatically updated. However, since Thanksgiving is considered by many as the day before Christmas events can begin ô¿~, you can see we have been busy updating some of our pages.

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SoCô¿ôL Time of Year !!!I received the following EMail ....

From: jp []
To: SoCooLBob@Yahoo.Com
Subject: Squanto Spoke ENGLISH! Happy Thanksgiving!

Hardly anyone remembers it anymore but it's true. 2 Ships set sail on Sept 16 1620. Only the Mayflower made it across landing in Cape Cod Nov 21. The Pilgrims were young and courageous and wanted the right to worship God freely. The Sailers kicked them off the boat.

102 had come over. (1 died-2 born on ship) but that Winter was so harsh that 51 of them died. With half their group gone and their crops failing, not even knowing what would grow in this new land, all seemed lost. They asked the Lord for Divine Help and they got it!

Seemingly out of nowhere a Native American Indian appeared and said "Welcome." HE SPOKE ENGLISH! His name was Samoset and he began to show the Colonists many things. But, perhaps the best thing he did was introduce them to "Tisquantum."

Captured in 1605 and taken as a slave to England where he too learned English, he was returned by Captain John Smith only to be taken captive again in 1614. This time freed by Spanish friars, he went to England and worked for a wealthy merchant who let him return to America in 1619. Here, his whole tribe, the Pawtuckets had been wiped out by disease.

Miraculously, the Pilgrims had landed on perhaps the only spot where they would meet no resistance from the Indians. But now Squanto, with a broken heart, was ready to die. Yet, God's hand was there. When Samoset told him of the Pilgims, Squanto saw their plight and made them his tribe and took it upon himself to be their guide. He taught them what to plant and how to fish. Their crops made it and they were going to survive!!!

They proclaimed a feast to Thank God for providing so incredibly for them. God had even prepared a Native Indian guide who spoke ENGLISH! That is the Story of the First Thanksgiving! and another reason to give thanks. God has long had His hand upon this country and blessed it.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


Yo Jason .... [ This is not, by the way, Jason Tracy, Yo-Yo Champion ]

Thanks for your Email !!!

Couple of questions ? How did you happen to send it to me ?

Who is the author of above .... ???


Thanks for your note. I just got a targetted mail program called NicersPro and thought I'd try it out with a nice Thanksgiving message. I only mailed to a few thousand people, mostly to people who already had websites up.

I wrote the above but feel free to pass it on. I feel like we need to have more of the Pilgrims courage and spirit today.



Lookie here .... Jason is a sender of the dreaded ***** WARNING *****

But, he did get me thinking ...
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