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Born sometime in June of 1995
The original idea for the title of this page, Christmas in July, came from my head. I guess that means it could have come from anywhere. In my mind it was and is an appropriate way of Celebrating that notion often spoken or felt on that other Christmas Day. Wouldn't it be nice if we could celebrate the spirit of Christmas All Year 'Round? We can. And we can Celebrate a day created in that spirit.

A Christmas Gift For Your Web Pages
Born in the early days of internet for humans ... May, June, July of 1995, this "Christmas Gift" may be ONE of "the most famous" animations on the World Wide Web. There was a raging controversy ... oooô¿~ or several. When you put a picture on the WWW, should others "use it?" "steal it?" "refer to it?" Doesn't that image take WAY TOOOOO LONG toooo load? etc.? SoCooL's best friend, Thomas A Most, created this little animation as a SoCooL gift ... to EVERYONE !!!

Look Ma! It's still here/there !!!

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Christmas can mean a great many things to a great many people. Every year throughout North America and around the World, the spirit of Christmas comes upon us. Some might say " it rears its ugly head," others may be overcome by the "Spirit of Giving," and the special meaning of the One who's Birthday many celebrate on this day. Whatever your reaction, it is clear that you have one. Since we SoCooL ... ONLINE believe in "accentuating the positive," and similarly believe that anything you, we, or I can do once, we can do twice, we proudly announce, Christmas in July, in the hopes that the positive spirit of Peace, Joy and Festivity might better extend throughout the year, and Around the WORLD .

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