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The BEST Game in Town

July 12 thru July 19, 1998

Don't have a lot of time for an update ... but ... July 14-23, 2002 ... The Tournament is LIVE again !!! This year we'll have two digital cameras, editing equipment, etc., and the tournament is within a couple miles of our house. See you on television ô¿~

We have a lot of sports in Sonoma County. I think this may be the BEST Sporting Event Covered on SoCô¿ôL . There can be no much more enjoyable experience, for a sports and/or "people" enthusiast, than attending the "Charles Schultz" Redwood Empire Hockey Fest now going on at the Redwood Empire Ice Arena. We talk about KIDS of all ages ... well, here they are ... KIDS of 45, 50, 65, 75, and 80 ... playing Hockey ... and kids of all other ages watching and enjoying for FREE.

For those who haven't heard of it ... it's in its 24th year ... and features a series of round robin hockey games, with teams limited by age. This year a group of teams must have members 75 years old and older ... cause Charles Schultz, world reknowned author of the Peanuts comic strips, et. al., and longtime Sonoma County resident turned 75 this year.

Now, in case you might be picturing a bunch of "ratchity old men" ... floating about on the ice about to "kill" themselves ... forget it. These guys can skate, even if, maybe not as good as they skated, say, 10 years ago. In fact, in 1995, when SoCô¿ôL was first born, we enjoyed the 7:30 game so much, we couldn't help but "hang around" for the 9:00 game, and came back and visited during the week .. just lke we're going to do this year.

The games begin Sunday, July 12 at 4:30, and then just keep coming to the arena from 6:00 am until midnight until the final game Sunday July 19, drops the puck at 6:40pm.


I wouldn't hesitate to recommending to anyone, any one of these games ... anytime between now and the final Sunday evening ...

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